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From Ron Cruz:
05 Apr 2004
         Awesome site you have going here!  I love reading stories about the rivalry between the AFL and NFL, and I'm currently reading Jeff Miller's book "Going Long".  Can't tell you how many times I've watched "Rebels With A Cause".
          Born in 1966, I never had the chance to witness an AFL game.  It wasn't until 1974 that my father took me to my first Raiders game, a 20-17 loss to those dreaded Broncos.  My father continued to take me to Raider games up until his sudden passing in 1979.   During that time I was an avid collector of NFL pennants, though my collection only consisted of those from the mid-'70s.
          One day in 1977 I came home from school and noticed that five more pennants had been put up on my bedroom wall by my dad.   Three of them were the typical ones from the early '70s: two Raiders and one 49ers.
          The other two?  A Miami Dolphins Super Bowl VII "World Champions - We're No. 1" pennant (someone had written the final score on it).
          The other was a pennant from the '67 AFL All-Star Game that was played in Oakland.  Although the game was part of the '66 AFL season, the game was played in Jan '67, thus "1967" appears on the pennant.  My dad only told me that a friend of his gave it to him.   I currently don't have a computer of my own but hopefully I'll be able to post for you a photo of it soon. The pennant is mainly red with white lettering "1967 AFL All-Star Game" and on the left where the helmet normally appears on a pennant there's a white and (faded) blue cartoon picture of the Oakland Coliseum as seen from above with a big AFL logo on top of it and "Oakland Coliseum" printed in white underneath.  I've never seen another one of this pennant on any web page or anywhere else.  It's probably the one piece of sports memorablia I cherish the most because it is so rare as well as being a gift from my father.
          I know this may not compare to the many stories listed on this board, but I thought it'd be interesting to read nonetheless.
          Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!                                 -Ron Cruz-
If you look very closely at the credits at the end of "Rebels With a Cause", you'll see that HBO gave 'Angelo Coniglio' a credit.  They videotaped an interview with me, but apparently found my criticism of the NFL "too hot to handle", and cut it !                                       
Remember the AFL
From Ed Fulda:
05 Apr 2004
         Great job on the website!  From one AFL freak to another, keep up the good work.  Contact me offline - I want to talk to you about collaborating on a book project.
Ed Fulda AKA "Big Chief" from
From Charles Oakey:
05 Apr 2004
Dear Mr. Coniglio,
          I recently sent you a picture of an Oakland Raider player wearing uniform number 35. The caption for the picture said the player wearing that uniform was Clem Daniels. We are both familiar with Clem Daniels wearing number 36 throughout his AFL career.
          Well, look what I found!! AND ON YOUR WEB SITE (in the AFL Cards section)!    Sincerely,   Charles Oakey

ClemDanielsfootballcardOakey.jpg (26451 bytes)

From Rande:
05 Apr 2004
      Really REALLY love the additional
Bills information about different players. Something new seems to be added weekly. Thank you VERY much for this site.                Rande
08 Apr 2004
         Although I've been a
Dallas Cowboys fan my whole life, I miss the excitement of the AFL.  Pro football was more fun during the latter days of the AFL.   Because the Cowboys were not in any of those first four Super Bowls, I always rooted for the AFL teams. The genuine rivalry that existed between the AFL and NFL in the late 1960s quickly fizzled when they became the AFC and NFC. Yours is a fun website.
[I always felt that the NFL's fans lost just as much as the AFL fans did, when the leagues merged.  There will never be another super bowl as "big" as the first four.  Nothing like a little mutual dislike to get fans behind their league's representative.                                            
Remember the AFL]
From Havasu Tommy:
Lake Havasu City
18 Apr 2004
         In 1963 the
C H A R G E RS were WORLD CHAMPS. Is it true that the Chargers challenged the N F L, I think George Halas' Bears were nfl big shots, not sure, anyway the story goes like this: Baron Hilton called George, and said "let's see who the real champions are!!"  George declined the offer because the rest of the nfl owners didn't want to take a chance on losing to the upstart A F L.   My dad told me that.   Sometimes
my father has been knowed to tell the truth!   It sounds good!!   I hope it is .. I was 5 years old and saw my first pro football game 1963 Balboa stadium.   
Chargers smashed the Pats.  What a game!   The times I spent with my dad at Charger games were very special.   I loved the A F L.   Brings back wonderful memories.   And so does this site!!    Thank you,                         Regards, HAVASU TOMMY
[Your father told you true.  And since the NFL declined the challenge, the Chargers' 1963 championship ring is engraved "WORLD CHAMPIONS".                                          
Remember the AFL]
From Bob Thompson:
5/23/2004 9:38:24 PM ED Time
       I emailed you back in February thanking you for your great site and thanking you for remembering my step dad Johnny Robinson, KC Chiefs '60-'72 in your site.  I was about to undergo a major surgery with long term recovery when you requested any photos of any championship rings or watches that he received.  I checked with him after your request and was advised that he had just found a 62' championship watch that he had found in a box in the attic that his dad used to wear.  He thinks that he does not have the ring because it was lost in a fire along with most of his collection at his health club/restaurant in Kansas City in the 70's.
       Since my recovery, this month, Johnny collapsed while at a local tennis club and was rushed to Glenwood Hospital, West Monroe, La. and underwent open heart surgery/quadruple bypass.  After a successful surgery and leaving the hospital, several days later he suffered a stroke which paralyzed his right side and has taken away his ability to speak.  He is still in the hospital recovering from this battle. He can move his right arm and stand and walk but he can not speak as yet which is frustrating him greatly.  After all this is over I will be sure to get some photo of his watch and double check about his other AFL championship rings which he can't remember where the other things are located.  I probably will get with my mom and look all through the attic.
       Thank you for your patience.  This has been a big surprise for us all. At his age, he is the state tennis champion for his age bracket and is a great player still.  Doctor said his heart is that of a great athlete, he just had clogged veins to the heart. If we can get him past this stroke thing he should be back to normal.
       Please remember him in your prayers,                                              
Bob Thompson

         [Chiefs and AFL fans: why not send
Johnny Robinson your good wishes, care of: 228 Winterpark Drive, West Monroe, La. 71292.        
Remember the AFL ]
From Gale Hulett:
Johnny Robinson K.C Chiefs 60-72
Dear Mr. Robinson:
    I heard about your recent health problems and wanted to extend my prayers to you and wish you a speedy full recovery.
    I remember you well from your playing days in the AFL, and feel that you are one of the all time great pro football players in the history of the sport.
    God be with you in your life.
                  Mr. Gale R. Hulett
24 May 2004
From Coach TJ Troup:
     My prayers to all in
Johnny Robinson's family.  A few years ago was asked on a national radio show my thoughts on which defensive backs not in the HOF should be response was Jack Butler & Johnny Robinson.  Have statistical info on JR that is simply amazing.  If interested please contact me.  JR was a credit to the game, his team, and more importantly to kids for all that he has done for them.  Am blessed in that I teach physical ed. at a center for the disabled...they prove on a daily basis that they are not handicapped.  JR has also demonstrated what children can accomplish with direction, and compassion. 
From Leo Maccaro:
4 dexter road
westport,. ct 06880
25 May 2004
Hi all,
       I loved the AFL despite only really catching the final three years. My team was/ is the
New York Jets (The Namath-Maynard connection). I'd like to offer best wishes and a get well soon to the great Johnny Robinson, I'll never forget cheering for the Chiefs in Superbowl IV (despite the fact they downed my Jets 13-6 in the playoff at Shea).
Leo Maccaro
[Your comments are typical of AFL fans.  Once "our" team was out of it, the remaining AFL team became our team!   
Remember the AFL]
JohnnyR.gif (52491 bytes)
From W. Eugene Jessup:
25 May 2004
Hello again Ange:
     'So sorry to hear of
Johnny Robinson's illness. We all wish him a speedy recovery. He was truly a great player, and this Bulldog fan salutes one of the great LSU Tigers! He was all over the field in the Chiefs' two Super Bowl appearances (I and IV), and I would surely vote for his induction into the Hall of Fame if I could.
     Your wonderful website just keeps getting better and better! I'm still searching for any tapes of the first pre-season AFL/NFL interleague games.
Johnny Robinson would no doubt remember one of those, the Chiefs crushing win over the Bears (66-24), and how George Halas ("Poppa Bear") was quoted as having said: "Those guys can play for me anytime!" So much for the supposedly inferior brand of pro football that the AFL offered. That ever-more exciting league had come of age, and the NFL had begun to look over its shoulder a little bit!
     Between the 1964 and 65 seasons (when the Packers were beginning to dominate the NFL) and the 1968 and 69 seasons (when the AFL's
Jets and Chiefs won Super Bowls III and IV), the pro game reached a peak that, I believe, it has failed to attain since. Another of your guest book signers, a Cowboys fan, wrote that he believes that the NFL fan lost as much as the AFL fan when the leagues merged. I could not agree more! Today's "modern-era" game is far too homogenized. Generally speaking, I do not follow pro football now. I love the college game, and I still get a kick out of watching old pro games from the truly golden era, the AFL/NFL "war years."
     Thanks again, Ange! We appreciate your devotion to the AFL.
     Your friend, Gene Jessup
[Gene: Thanks for the kind words.   Comments in brackets, signed "Remember the AFL" are by me, as was the one about NFL fans losing out in "the merger".                                   
Remember the AFL]
From Tom Greff:

25 May 2004
       As a long time AFL and
Jets fan I remember Johnny Robinson well. HE and his teammates beat the Jets in the 1969 Playoff at Shea!
       I hope
Johnny has a full recovery and is back on the tennis court soon.
       Best wishes and prayers.                                                        
Tom Greff
From Joe LaPlante:

26 May 2004
       Just thought you should know that an original
Patriot passed away recently: Jimmy Colclough, a wide receiver for the Pats through the 1960s died last weekend. Jimmy starred at Boston College before playing in Canada. When Boston's franchise opened its doors, Jimmy, a local kid, tried out and made the team. He still ranks among the Patriots top receivers, along with another great name, Gino Cappelletti.

Joe LaPlante, no longer a long suffering Patriots fan now that we are winning Super Bowls.
[Colclough's passing was noted on the Patriots page.  Click on his name above.  There is also a page for him on "Wikipedia" at  
Remember the AFL]
From Charles Oakey:
26 May 2004
Mr. Robinson,
       I'm sorry to hear of your illness and want to wish you a speedy recovery.  Don't let it surprise you when I tell you I saw you play in your first pro game ever, when the
Dallas Texans played the Oakland Raiders at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco on July 31, 1960.
       As an AFL fan I greatly admired your play.  I have watched a tape of the 1962 AFL Championship Game where you played against the
Oilers.  I also remember your big interception in the 1966 AFL Championship Game at Buffalo. That single play turned the game around and sent the Chiefs to the Super Bowl. Your play in the two Chiefs Super Bowl appearances was outstanding.  I know you came up with a big turnover in Super Bowl IV.
       You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.  It was great players like you,
Mr. Robinson, that made the American Football League the greatest league of all time.
       Your Friend,        Charles Oakey
From Bob Ginther:
26 May 2004
I remember
Johnny Robinson because (being a Raiders fan) he drove me nuts twice a year. He was another guy that was too slow, too small, not strong enough, and you couldn't get the guy out of the game for a lot of seasons.
He'll beat this too.  I have no doubt.
From ??:
27 May 2004
Good Luck and God Bless
Johnny Robinson. Those of us who lived and enjoyed the AFL know you belong in the HOF. The Mailman
From ??:
27 May 2004
Johnny Sample being perhaps the only player who won NFL & AFL World Championship rings also deserves HOF election immediately.
[Sample won an NFL Championship with the Colts (not a World Championship), an AFL Championship with the Jets, and a World Championship with the Jets.                
Remember the AFL]
From Mike Toone:
319 Sloan Ave.
Collingswood, NJ 08107
03 Jun 2004
       Mr. Robinson, your life was more than just football.  For what you did, "thanks", and get well.  I wish more athletes were like you.  Hear the prayers and start feeling good again.
       Mike Toone

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