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1964 American Football League (AFL) Eastern Division All-stars
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         Perhaps the greatest highlight of AFL All-Star Game history came not on the field of play, but in the actions of African American players, supported by their white teammates and owners, when the best players in the AFL boycotted the City of New Orleans because of the disrespect black players were given when they arrived there for the scheduled 1964 season AFL All-Star Game, scheduled for January 1965.
         The game was moved to Houston in a seminal action in the early civil rights movement in America.  It is still recognized as such, as recently as a March, 2007 article by Evan Weiner on MSNBC.  Another description of the incident is at my AFL Clippings page, and there is a 'pro football' hall of fame article HERE, as well as a 2017 on-line article by Neil Graves HERE.


Photo Courtesy of Denny Lynch, Buffalo Bills


Bottom Row

Vito "Babe" Parilli



Boston Patriots

Jack Kemp 16 qb Buffalo Bills
George Saimes 22 db Buffalo Bills
Gino Cappelletti 25 pk, wr Boston Patriots
Fred Glick 27 db Houston Oilers
Cookie Gilchrist 34 fb Buffalo Bills
Sid Blanks 36 rb Houston Oilers
Second Row
Don Floyd 38 de Houston Oilers
Dainard Paulson 40 db New York Jets
Larry Garron 41 fb Boston Patriots
George "Butch" Byrd 42 db Buffalo Bills
Pete Jaquess 47 db Houston Oilers
.Winston Hill 52 ot New York Jets
.Tommy Addison 53 lb Boston Patriots
.Jon Morris 54 c Boston Patriots
Third Row
Eddie Abramowski Trainer Buffalo Bills
Mike Stratton 58


Buffalo Bills
Larry Grantham 60


New York Jets
Bob Talamini 61 g Houston Oilers
Houston Antwine 65 dt Boston Patriots
Billy Shaw 66


Buffalo Bills
Tom Sestak 70 dt Buffalo Bills
Larry Eisenhauer 72 de Boston Patriots
Stew Barber 77 ot Buffalo Bills
Joel Collier Def. Coord. Buffalo Bills
Top Row
Sherman Plunkett 79 ot New York Jets
Nick Buoniconti 85 mlb Boston Patriots
Charlie Hennigan 87 wr Houston Oilers
Bob Dee 89 de Boston Patriots
John Mazur Staff Buffalo Bills
Jerry Smith Staff Buffalo Bills
Harvey Johnson, Jr. Staff Buffalo Bills
Lou Saban Head Coach Buffalo Bills
Not in Photo
Ernie Warlick 84 te Buffalo Bills



         The link below will take you to a game summary, originally created by Mark Bolding.   Most of the content of this and the other AFL All-Star Game summaries was retrieved from the 'Internet Archive Wayback Machine' at, which claims copyright for the work. 
         *Other than the final score and the image of the game program, his summary of the 1964 season all-star game incorrectly gave the report of the previous year's game. 
         Bolding's original site classified the games by the calendar year they were played in.  Since they were played at the end of AFL seasons and the All-Stars involved were so chosen for their play in those seasons, I classify them by the AFL season which they represented.  Thus the AFL All-Star Game that featured stars of the 1964 season was played in January 1965.

1964 Season AFL All-Star Game: January 16, 1965 *'Wayback' link

*NOTE: The write-up from the Wayback link is in error!  It describes the 1966 All-Star game between league all-stars and the champion Buffalo Bills.  See my story at 1964 Season AFL All-Star Game


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