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1961 American Football League (AFL) Western Division All-stars

        The American Football League did not play an All-Star game after its first season in 1960, but did stage All-Star games for the 1961 through 1969 seasons.  All-Star teams from the Eastern and Western divisions played each other after every season except 1965.  That season, the league champion Buffalo Bills played against a team made up of all-stars from the other teams.
        Because the games were played at the end of the season, they occurred in the next calendar year.  Thus, the 1961 AFL All-Star game (with players selected as all-stars for the 1961 season) was played on January 7, 1962; the 1962 game was played in January 1963, etc.
         I don't (yet) have a full-squad photo, but below are photos of 1961 AFL All-Star players from the Dallas Texans and the San Diego Chargers, two AFL-West powers that had heavy representaion in the All-Star Game. 


Texans' 1961 AFL All-Stars


Chargers' 1961 AFL All-Stars

Photos Courtesy of Todd Tobias     

Players pictured in the above photos

Image provided by Todd Tobias

Front  Rows

E. J. Holub



Dallas Texans
Mel Branch 80 de
Bill Krisher 18 og
Jon Gilliam 21 c
Sherrill Headrick 69 lb
Paul Rochester 72 fl
Chris Burford 23 db
Bill Hudson 77 dt San Diego Chargers
Earl Faison 86 de
Dave Kocourek 83 te
Emil Karas 56 lb
Ernie Wright 75 fb
Back Rows
David Webster 21 db Dallas Texans
Cotton Davidson 19 qb
Abner Haynes 28 rb
Charlie McNeil 27 db San Diego Chargers
Dick Harris 36 db
Jack Kemp 15 qb
Don Norton 88 fl


Complete Roster

Jim Otto



Oakland Raiders

Jack Kemp 15 qb San Diego Chargers
Cotton Davidson 19 qb Dallas Texans
David Webster 21 db Dallas Texans
Chris Burford 23 wr Dallas Texans
Fred Williamson 24 db Oakland Raiders
Goose Gonsoulin 26 db Denver Broncos
Charlie McNeil 27 db San Diego Chargers
Abner Haynes 28 rb Dallas Texans
Don Stone 34 rb Denver Broncos
Dick Harris 36 db San Diego Chargers
Alan Miller 37 rb Oakland Raiders
George Blair 39 db San Diego Chargers
.E. J. Holub 55 c/lb Dallas Texans
Emil Karas 56 lb San Diego Chargers
Ken Adamson 60 og Denver Broncos
Bud McFadin 64


Denver Broncos
John Gilliam 65


Dallas Texans
Bill Krisher 66 og Dallas Texans
Sherrill Headrick 69 lb Dallas Texans
Paul Rochester 72


Dallas Texans
Ron Mix 74 ot San Diego Chargers
Ernie Wright 75 ot San Diego Chargers
Bill Hudson 77 dt San Diego Chargers
Mel Branch 80 og Dallas Texans
Dave Kocourek 83 te San Diego Chargers
Earl Faison 86 de San Diego Chargers
Lionel Taylor 87 wr Denver Broncos
Don Norton 88 wr San Diego Chargers
Sid Gillman Head Coach San Diego Chargers



         The link below will take you to a game summary, originally created by Mark Bolding.   Most of the content of this and the other AFL All-Star Game summaries was retrieved from the 'Internet Archive Wayback Machine' at, which claims copyright for the work. 
         Bolding's original site classified the games by the calendar year they were played in.  Since they were played at the end of AFL seasons and the All-Stars involved were so chosen for their play in those seasons, I classify them by the AFL season which they represented.  Thus the AFL All-Star Game that featured stars of the 1961 season was played in January 1962.

1961 Season AFL All-Star Game: January 7, 1962 'Wayback' link
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