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1964 American Football League (AFL) Western Division All-stars

Photo Courtesy of Dave


Bottom Row

Jim Otto



Oakland Raiders

Lenny Dawson 18 qb Kansas City Chiefs
Lance Alworth 19 wr San Diego Chargers
Dick Westmoreland 20 db San Diego Chargers
John Hadl 21 qb San Diego Chargers
Keith Lincoln 22 rb San Diego Chargers
Goose Gonsoulin 23 db Denver Broncos
Willie Brown 24 db Denver Broncos
Second Row
Abner Haynes 28 rb Kansas City Chiefs
Tommy Brooker 33 pk Kansas City Chiefs
Clem Daniels 36 rb Oakland Raiders
Mack Lee Hill 37 rb Kansas City Chiefs
Bobby Hunt 43 db Kansas City Chiefs
.Speedy Duncan 45 db San Diego Chargers
Chuck Allen 50 lb San Diego Chargers
.Frank Buncom 55 lb San Diego Chargers
Third Row
Jim Van Deusen Trainer San Diego Chargers
Jim Fraser 56


Denver Broncos
Wayne Hawkins 65


Oakland Raiders
Bobby Bell 66 lb Kansas City Chiefs
Jerry Sturm 72 lb Denver Broncos
Jim Tyrer 73


Kansas City Chiefs
Ron Mix 74 ot San Diego Chargers
Jerry Mays 75 de Kansas City Chiefs
Ernie Ladd 77 ot San Diego Chargers
Tom Denman Equip. Mgr. San Diego Chargers
Top Row
Joe Madro Ass't. Coach San Diego Chargers
Sid Gillman Head Coach San Diego Chargers
Walt Sweeney 78 og San Diego Chargers
Dave Kocourek 83 te San Diego Chargers
Art Powell 84 wr Oakland Raiders
Buck Buchanan 85 dt Kansas City Chiefs
Earl Faison 96 de San Diego Chargers
Chuck Noll Ass't. Coach San Diego Chargers
Tom Bass Ass't. Coach San Diego Chargers
Walt Hackett Ass't. Coach San Diego Chargers


        The American Football League did not play an All-Star game after its first season in 1960, but did stage All-Star games for the 1961 through 1969 seasons.  All-Star teams from the Eastern and Western divisions played each other after every season except 1965.  That season, the league champion Buffalo Bills played against a team made up of all-stars from the other teams.
        Because the games were played at the end of the season, they occurred in the next calendar year.  Thus, the 1961 AFL All-Star game (with players selected as all-stars for the 1961 season) was played on January 7, 1962; the 1962 game was played in January 1963, etc.
         The links below will take you to excellent summaries of each game by Mark Bolding.

1961 AFL All-Star Game: January 7, 1962
1962 AFL All-Star Game: January 13, 1963
1963 AFL All-Star Game: January 19, 1964
1964 AFL All-Star Game: January 16, 1965
1965 AFL All-Star Game: January 15, 1966
1966 AFL All-Star Game: January 21, 1967
1967 AFL All-Star Game: January 21, 1968
1968 AFL All-Star Game: January 19, 1969
1969 AFL All-Star Game: January 17, 1970
         Perhaps the greatest highlight of AFL All-Star Game history came not on the field of play, but in the actions of black players, supported by their white teammates and owners, when the best players in the AFL boycotted the City of New Orleans because of the disrespect black players were given when they arrived there for the scheduled 1964 season AFL All-Star Game, scheduled for January 1965.
          The game was moved to Houston in a seminal action in the early civil rights movement in America.  It is still recognized as such, as recently as a March, 2007 article by Evan Weiner on MSNBC.  Another description of the incident is at my AFL Clippings page.


AFL All-Star Squads, 1960-1969
1960 No game was played in 1960. Click here for the 1960 AFL All-Stars
1961 West Squad East Squad
1962 West Squad East Squad
1963 West Squad East Squad
1964 West Squad East Squad
1965 West Squad East Squad
1966 West Squad East Squad
1967 West Squad East Squad
1968 West Squad East Squad
1969 West Squad East Squad


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