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1965 American Football League All-stars

         The AFL All-Star Game played after the 1965 season, on January 15, 1966 at Houston's Rice Stadium saw the introduction of a new format. Instead of the old East-West All-Stars match-up, the champions of the League, the Buffalo Bills, met a team of all-stars selected from the other AFL teams. The game was a story with two chapters: the first half and the second half. It was a game that would foreshadow the future of the AFL in the form of one person, Joe Namath. The game was witnessed by 35,572 fans at Houstonís Rice Stadium. The coaches were Sid Gillman for the All-Stars and Joe Collier of Buffalo.
         To my knowledge, there were no separate AFL East or AFL West selections, and I have not been able to locate a group photo of the All-Stars.  Included below is a Murray Olderman sketches of Lance Alworth, courtesy of AFL fan Gary Thorman
         The AFL All-Stars on the Bills squad are noted in the list, and their names are in
blue in the roster below.  In addition to the AFL Coaches All-Star selections, others who played in the game are listed for the offensive and defensive squads.  Jersey numbers shown for the players are their usual numbers, not those worn in the game, as few photos remain from the event.


        FRONT ROW: Paul Maguire, Wray Carlton, Pete Gogolak, Hagood Clarke, George Saimes, Booker Edgerson, Willie Ross, Glenn Bass, Charley Warner, Tom Janik, Sullivan "Pete" Mills, Bobby Smith.

       SECOND ROW: Trainer Ed Abramowski, Ed Rutkowski, Bill Groman, Butch Byrd, Mailon Kent, Jack Kemp, Head Coach Lou Saban, Daryle Lamonica, Floyd Hudlow, Gene Sykes, Don Stone, Tom Day, Assistant Coach Joel Collier, Assistant Coach Jerry Smith.

       THIRD ROW: Equipment Manager Tony Marchitte, Assistant Coach Johnny Mazur, Dave Behrman, Joe Auer, Billy Joe, Dudley Meredith, Ron McDole, Jim Dunaway, George Flint, Bill Laskey, John Tracey, Paul Costa, Ernie Warlick, Remi Prudhomme, Assistant Equipment Manager Ron Krauza.

       FOURTH ROW: Woody Ward, Doug Goodwin (taxi squad), Co-Captain Billy Shaw, Al Bemiller, Tom Keating, Mike Stratton, Co-Captain Tom Sestak, Joe O'Donnell, Dick Hudson, Harry Jacobs, Stew Barber, Charley Ferguson, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Davidson, Henry Schmidt.

        MISSING FROM PHOTO: Elbert Dubenion, Fred Moore, Bo Roberson.

Photo by Robert L. Smith

Photo Courtesy of Denny Lynch, Buffalo Bills Archivist



1965 All-Stars


Lance Alworth 19 wr San Diego Chargers
Lionel Taylor 87


Denver Broncos
Willie Frazier 83


Houston Oilers
Ron Mix 74 ot San Diego Chargers
Jim Tyrer 73


Kansas City Chiefs
Billy Shaw 66


Buffalo Bills

Wayne Hawkins



Oakland Raiders

Jim Otto



Oakland Raiders

Jack Kemp 16 qb Buffalo Bills
John Hadl 21


San Diego Chargers
Joe Namath * 12


New York Jets
Paul Lowe 23 hb San Diego Chargers
Cookie Gilchrist 2 fb Denver Broncos
Gino Cappelletti 25 pk, wr Boston Patriots
Jerry Mays 75 de Kansas City Chiefs
Earl Faison 96 de San Diego Chargers
Ernie Ladd 77 dt San Diego Chargers
Tom Sestak 70 dt Buffalo Bills
Nick Buoniconti 85 mlb Boston Patriots
Bobby Bell 75 lb Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Stratton 58


Buffalo Bills
Frank Buncom ** 55


San Diego Chargers
.Dave Grayson 45 db Oakland Raiders
.Speedy Duncan 45 db San Diego Chargers
George Saimes 26 db Buffalo Bills
Dainard Paulson 40 db New York Jets



* All-Star Game
Offensive MVP

** All-Star Game
Defensive MVP



         The link below will take you to a game summary, originally created by Mark Bolding#.   Most of the content of this and the other AFL All-Star Game summaries was retrieved from the 'Internet Archive Wayback Machine' at, which claims copyright for the work. 
         Bolding's original site classified the games by the calendar year they were played in.  Since they were played at the end of AFL seasons and the All-Stars involved were so chosen for their play in those seasons, I classify them by the AFL season which they represented.  Thus the AFL All-Star Game that featured stars of the 1965 season was played in January 1966.

1965 Season AFL All-Star Game: January 15, 1966 #'Wayback' link


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