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From Jim Acho:
27 Feb 2004
          As someone who wrote a book about the AFL (albeit, a cheaply-edited and published book with little in the way of sales; I can't even locate the "publisher" for more copies!), I feel my knowledge about the AFL is on par with anyone.  I have come to know many AFL legends, such as Sid Gillman, and broken bread with many a former AFL star, and heard the stories. I thought I knew it all until I encountered Ange Coniglio, who is gracious enough to provide this wonderful and informative site.  Ange IS the AFL, and I bow to a master.  I hope it's a big seller.  For me, having been born in the 1970's, I never witnessed an AFL game.  Maybe one day if I make it past the pearly gates (which should be everyone's goal), I'll get to relive some of those classics.  So, until then, I hope you all take time to pass the word to others about this wonderful site; I was with my client, NFL HOFer Lem Barney [cousin of the Oilers'AFL HOFer Miller Farr] last week, pulled the site up, and he marveled at how comprehensive it was.  Some of his closest buddies are AFL alums...he loved it.   Good luck with it Ange, and good luck with the book--I hope it's a tremendous seller. 
          P.S. I'm not one to proselytize, but I'd respectfully suggest that all of you go support Mel Gibson's new film.  And say the rosary often! Peace.  Yours In Sport, Jim Acho
From Erik Rinne:
9537 Estate Lane
Dallas, TX  75238
28 Feb 2004
         Regarding the "Clem Daniels" photo, my guess would be George Fleming or Charley Fuller.
         Note:  The
Chiefs beat the Bears 66-24, not 55-24.

         With apologies to William Shakespeare, my Dad and I (I was 15) composed the following which was printed in the Sports section (letters to the editor) of the Dallas Times Herald after the
Texans announced their move to KC:
Friends, Dallasites, football fans,
Lend me your ears.

I come to bid farewell to the Texans,
Not to praise them.

The strength of a team lives after it.
The principle of its founding is oft buried in the past.

So let it be with the Texans.

The noble Cowboys hath told you the AFL is inferior.
If 'tis so, 'tis a grievous fault,
And grievously hath the Texans answered it.

Here, under leave of the Cowboys, and the rest of the NFL,

(For the Cowboys are honorable men;
So are they all, all  honorable men)
Come I to speak at the Texans' departure.

They were my team, exciting and thrilling to me.

But the Cowboys say they are inferior.
And the Cowboys are honorable men.

The Texans did'st bring a championship home to Dallas.
Did this in the Texans seem inferior?

When that the poor fans hath cried for a team,
Lamar Hunt hath responded.

Weakness should be made of softer stuff.

But the Cowboys say they are inferior.
And the Cowboys are honorable men.

O' fans! If I were disposed
To stir your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage,
I should do the Cowboys wrong,
And not attend their lousy games.

                                                                       ERIK RINNE
From Howard Wexler:
29 Feb 2004
         Someone said that the AFL had a special appeal to those of us who were not of the "right" heritage or were not "good" enough.  All I know is that I followed that league and thought the NFL was arrogant and overrated.  [You not only "thought" it, you were right!  And it's STILL arrogant and overrated!]
         By Superbowl IV, so did most other people.  Let's hear it for the Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, Patriots, Bills, Oilers, Titans and even the <yecch> Raiders.
From Stu Harrison:
1 Mar 2004
15:58:30 EST
         Hi Ange
         Found your AFL site, very interesting.   I see from your AFL rings page you are missing a pic of the Raiders championship ring from 1967.  Here is one attached. It is from the cover of the 1968 Raiders media guide.
         I am a big Raider fan and historian, I’m looking for a 1960 Raiders squad photo (if one exists) and the Raiders jersey number of Jesse Murdock.  He played about 6 games for the Raiders in 1963.  I have the number of every Raiders bar him.
         Hope the pic is of use, keep up the good work.            Stu Harrison (UKRAIDER)
From Jeff Forgit:
Franklin,  MA
04 Mar 2004
         Another Super Bowl victory for an original AFL team!
         I went to my first game at Fenway Park in 1963 . . . Pats lost to San Diego just as they did in the championship game a couple of months later.
         Love those 1963 Fleer and 1965 Topps AFL cards.                Jeff Forgit
From T. J. Troup:
2800 Keller Drive #112
Tustin, CA 92782
04 Mar 2004
         Sir:  As a long time fan of the afl, and a published historian, am very impressed with your site.  Well designed and comprehensive.  For those of us who saw the games and players, we each have favorites.  Especially enjoyed the write-up on "Big Ses". . .  who in my opinion is the finest defensive tackle (also played end in the 3-4) not in the ["pro football"] HOF.   Continued success to you. cordially . . . . coach tj troup
From Rande G. Jacobson:
05 Mar 2004
Hi All,
       Just finished reading HOUSTON OILERS THE EARLY YEARS by Kevin Carroll.  I love books like this one.  Reading about all the different players from the early years of the AFL. I would like to see a history of each AFL team for the first ten years.
       I check into your site at least once a week to see if there are any updates.  Please keep it going.                                                                Rande G. Jacobson

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