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THE MESSAGES POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 10th, 11th and 12th, 2005,

From Michael Miller:

141 Franciscan Drive, Daly City, CA, 94014
21 Jan 2005
*POSTED 10 Sep 2005*
          I was born the year the
Chargers moved to San Diego so the earliest memories I can bring up on football would be in the late sixties and all I have to say is two words to sum up the beauty of the game; 'Lance Alworth' or actually one word; 'Bambi', my football hero. Number 19, it seems every photo of Lance has him in the air.  I'd love to see to him play in today's game where he can go down the field untouched, HA! Jerry Rice would cry as his records fall.
          My dad loved the game, a
Charger season ticket holder, Balboa Stadium, I grew up hating the Raiders cause Dad told me so.  Memories of Christmas gifts past include presents I got on the AFL; posters, even cans that had photos of the Chargers' starting line-up (offense & defense) but what I miss most (my sister lost the book in storage in the late 70's) was a large, color photo book called, "THE OTHER LEAGUE".  If anyone knows how I can get my hands on that beautiful book, please contact me at  I'd appreciate it.    Thanks for this web site: like the American Football League, this is way cool!!!

             "The Other League" was by Jack Horrigan and Mike Rathet.  Some libraries have it, and it's sometimes available in searches on Yahoo or Google.   - Remember the AFL
From Gerry LaButti:
07 Feb 2005
*POSTED 10 Sep 2005*
          In 1960 when I was 15 the
Boston Patriots played the Denver Broncos in an exhibition game at City Stadium in Providence.  I was on the outside looking in.  There was no place to get over/under the fence into the game.  I always told people that was the first AFL game ever.  Babe Parilli was the Patriots quarterback and Frank Tripucka (Kelly's {of Notre Dame and the Detroit Pistons} father) was Denver's.  I was also at the first game in Schaeffer Stadium and had the foresight to take the train from Providence and did not get stuck in the traffic fiasco afterwards.  By the way because my father was the sales manager of a Schaeffer beer distributor I frequently had four tickets to games but had difficulty getting someone to go the games.
From Steve:
Rochester, NY
10 Feb 2005
POSTED 10 Sep 2005*
          I read an article which stated that in 1959, one of the original AFL teams was supposed to be in Minnesota.  When the Minnesota team was awarded a NFL franchise, they withdrew from the AFL and Oakland was awarded an AFL franchise.
          Does anyone know which AFL team would have been the Minnesota Vikings?
          Has anyone ever seen the AFL Minnesota team helmet, logo, etc.
          ~ Steve in Rochester, NY.  A life-long AFL fan.

             There was to be an original AFL franchise in Minneapolis, but the NFL lured them away, and Oakland got the original AFL franchise.   Because of the Minneapolis group's move, THERE WAS NEVER AN AFL TEAM, AS SUCH, IN MINNESOTA.  The "Vikings" was the name given to the team when it started in the NFL.  There was never any name, logo, history, etc. of an actual AFL TEAM in Minnesota!   - Remember the AFL
From Steve Hansen:
3520 West Plum, Lincoln, NE, 68522
10 Feb 2005
*POSTED 10 Sep 2005*
          What a great site!!!  Have been looking for something like this for years.  I concur with johnyrad of Bethpage, NY on
Curt Gowdy being in the AFL HOF as an announcer but you also have to consider his sidekick Paul Christman as well.   They were the best.  They are the best because they were smooth and didn't have to deride their NFL counterparts because they were class professionals.  They were a tandem in those early years with Jack Buck and George Ratterman who did the west coast or second games.  The memory of listening to all of them is what reinforces the AFL in my mind.  Please consider both Gowdy and Christman and Buck and Ratterman because they are the ones who planted the seed for the AFL to grow each Sunday during the 60's.  I was a Chiefs fan and went to the very first regular Chiefs home game with my dad and brother on a very warm (90 degree) Sunday on October 6th, 1963. It was the Chiefs v. Oilers and the Red of KC and the Blue helmets of the Oilers with the green grass and sunny sky made an everlasting impression in my mind.  Remember, in those days all most of us saw was black and white on the tube so when they were in living color, it was just beautiful - especially for a 13 year old kid.  Anyway, thanks for the memories and for letting me know I am not alone in my fondness for the AFL.  If anyone wants to know, I have collected tapes from NFL films over the years and have amassed several books on the AFL.  My quest is still to find a video or TV rebroadcast of that 1963 game or any games of the ‘63-‘66 years of the Chiefs. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

              Gowdy has since been selected for the AFL HOF   - Remember the AFL
4707 El Prado Blvd, Tampa, FL, 33629
11 Feb 2005
POSTED 10 Sep 2005*
          What an awesome site.  I loved the AFL even though I was a die hard Baltimore Colts fan.  I liked all the teams in the AFL, but
Houston was my favorite with the Chargers a close second.  They were so much more exciting than the NFL.   Happened to meet Ode Burrell when I attended Mississippi State when we were both getting our masters.   I am somewhat younger than him, but he was amazed to know what I remembered about the AFL.  I was born in 1951, so I was fairly young when the league started but I remember my cousin and I watching the games.  Unless the Colts were on I watched the AFL.  Even then I sat close to the tv and switched back and forth constantly.
Greenwood, IN, 46142
14 Feb 2005
*POSTED 10 Sep 2005*
          Ange, I've been a fan of your wonderful website for years and have turned on many fans to it, who weren't even born when the AFL existed (including my 12-year-old son).
          Being born in 1961, I of course don't have as deep memories as the other posters here, but I do remember as far back as 1965 some games as my father grew up a stodgy Chicago Bears fan, but switched team and league allegiances when he became a
Kansas City Chiefs fan (he still is).
          My mother, whose two great heroes in her life were James Dean and
Joe Namath, was obviously a Jets fan.  You might be interested to know that my mother had quite an interesting couple of people she graduated high school with.  Mom graduated from Rock Island (IL) High School in 1958 (sorry to have to tell that, Mom!) which included two would-be famous sports personalities--one Don Nelson (of NBA fame) and the other Booker EdgersonBooker was quite the back in his high school days not only on offense, but defense too.  When he was at a high school reunion my Mom attended, she had him autograph a piece of paper which he personalized.  Needless to say he's one of my favorite players of the AFL along with Ernie Ladd, Earl Faison, Joe, Keith Lincoln, Wahoo McDaniel, Ron Mix, John Hadl and the great Cookie Gilchrist.
          As for the consideration of
Gary Garrison, well Gary caught at least 40 passes during his four AFL seasons.  Not bad for having to play second to some guy named Bambi.
Curt Gowdy was the only announcer who would stick up for the AFL especially against Howard Cosell. Gowdy deserves mention.
          Take care.
From Rory Tees:
283 Bewley Road, Haddonfield, NJ, 08033
14 Feb 2005 and 09 Sep 2005
*POSTED 11 Sep 2005*
          I followed the AFL since 1960 when the
Broncos had the striped socks. I came in from an Eagles game and Denver was playing Buffalo in a blizzard in Denver.  The Broncos came from way behind to force a 38-38 tie in a snowstorm (or maybe the t.v. reception was bad!). The Broncos' striped socks hooked me. I thought the striped socks looked cool on my black and white television.  I had no idea how ugly they were.  I was a fan of the AFL since that game.  I watched them every Sunday.  They always were on at 4 pm.  I also remember Paul Christman as being the finest color man I have heard till this day.
          Long live the AFL!"
22 Feb 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
Hi AFL Fans.
Boston (ok New England) Patriots brought home another one!!!
         That's 5 of the last 8 Super Bowls won by original AFL teams.
         We're coming back for another one next year in Detroit, unless the
Chargers, or some other AFL team knocks us off.  Forget the Colts and Steelers.....they are just recycled NFL.
From Larry Broadous:
15 Mar 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          I enjoy this site, strange enough it was the XFL that sparked my interest in the AFL again {Man I watched THAT league until the bitter end}.
          Anyway, I was born some 7 years after the final AFL game was played and since there is currently no team in LA {Boooooo} I've followed the
          I've heard that the old LA Examiner covered the
Chargers when they were in LA, do you have any info on this?
          There is one draw back I have to this site and
Robert Phillip's site, no one keeps track of the latest updates form the Broncos, Chiefs, Bengals etc. I mean the Pats won three Superbowls in four years, that should be plastered all over BOTH website. I hope you consider that one day {and if you do...will the Houston Texans get a free pass?}
Keep up the good work!!!!!

             Since the Chargers were in LA, it's reasonable to assume that the LA Examiner covered them!    Your suggestion might be valid for CURRENT fan sites, but this one (and I think I speak for Robert Phillips) is to honor the league, teams and players who never got the "props" they deserved WHEN they deserved them!   - Remember the AFL
260 Heath Street West #905, Toronto, ON
28 Mar 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          What a lovely enjoyable memorable site recalling some of the stories from the old AFL.  Please allow me to make a small contribution.  In 1961 the crowds at the Polo Grounds in New York were so tiny that instead of the players from the
Titans being introduced prior to the start of each game, it was suggested that the fans be introduced to the players.  When the KC franchise played in Dallas prior to their move in 1964, Lamar Hunt promised all of the fans who attended one of his games in December 1962, that at half time they would witness the largest Christmas choir ever assembled on earth.  At the conclusion of the second quarter he handed out sheet music containing Christmas Carols to all of the 3,000 fans who were in attendance at the cavernous Cotton Bowl stadium.  One more funny story before you kick me out of here.  All of you Buffalo Bills fans must remember the "Old Rockpile" or as it was better known, War Memorial Stadium on Best Avenue.   70% of the seats were in the end zones and if I said there were ten urinals and 12 toilets in the whole place, I think I would be stretching it.  What a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!  Long live the old AFL."

             Funny, the main thing I remember about War Memorial Stadium is that when that was their home, the Bills won two American Football League championsips!   - Remember the AFL
31 Mar 2005
*POSTED 11 Sep 2005*
          This may have been discussed before, but how do players get nominated for the
AFL Hall Of Fame?

             You have to appreciate that it is
my Hall of Fame, so they are my rules.   1) What a man did in the AFL is more important than what he may have done after the merger.  2) If he's already in the "pro football" hall of fame, he's automatically in the AFL Hall of Fame.  3) If I remember him and the pleasure it was to watch him after 40 years, he must be famous, hence a Hall of Famer!   If you have suggestions, send me a brief biography of accomplishments, stats, testimonials by teammates, coaches, and opponents, etc., and I'll consider your nominee.   - Remember the AFL
08 Apr 2005
*POSTED 11 Sep 2005*
          Hi, I am looking for genealogical information on
Larry Eisenhauer.  If you could send some way to get it or have access to it please email it back to me.  I think I might be a relative of his.  I do have family in the Boston area. "
PO Box 2083, Hillsboro, OR, 97123
17 Apr 2005
*POSTED 11 Sep 2005*
          Does anyone have any of these old games on tape, beta, or dvd? I have every superbowl from 3 til present."
584 East Wittier Street, Columbus, OH, 43206
22 Apr 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
how did football all start? and who was the creator? thanx curtis

             See   - Remember the AFL
20 Tyler Drive, Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 4W9
28 Apr 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          Good afternoon Ange. Is the HBO production "Rebels with a Cause" available in vhs or dvd?

             Try searching for it on Yahoo, Google, or E-bay.  I think the only copies available are those made by private fans.   - Remember the AFL
From Steven Tellers:
Norwood, Minnesota
13 May 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          I was born in 1956, so I was too young to follow the real early AFL. But I started following it in 1965. I remember all of the great action, all of the colorful players. Daryle Lamonica is still my all-time favorite player, the Raider-
Chief wars could never be forgotten. Also great players like Warren Wells, Hewritt Dixon, Dave Grayson, and especially Willie Brown, sneaking in front of the receiver, making the interception, and going all the way! Thank you for all the fun and memories.
06 Jun 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          I grew up a
Bills fan and remain so to this day.  My excitement, over the Bills dedicating this season to the Championship team of 1965 and introducing their "third jerseys" as complete replicas of the uniforms that team wore, is immeasurable.  The memories that flooded back as players such as Kemp, Maguire, Rutkowski, Edgerson, Shaw, et. al. donned their replica jerseys were emotion-charged to say the least.   When seeing the San Diego Chargers in their throwback uniforms and now the Bills, it keeps the AFL alive in my heart.  This site is much appreciated.

            They wore the throwback uniforms on opening day, 2005, and they were great.  Hopefully, the uniforms worn by the AFL champions will instill  today's players with a sense of pride in the Bills heritage.  Now, if they'd only bring back the red-striped AFL officials' jerseys! 
- Remember the AFL

SchobelThrowback.jpg (55605 bytes)

VincentThrowback.jpg (43250 bytes)
06 Aug 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          You seem to have forgotten a future Hall of Fame offensive tackle from the Oakland Raiders, Harry Schuh.  He was the 2nd overall pick in the 1965 draft, right behind
Joe Namath.
          He was a perennial all pro at RT from 1965-1970 with the
Silver & Black.  He is a member along with Art Shell on the all time Raider team, one of the best forgotten all-time players at that position, and played out his 10 year career with the Rams and Packers.

              See Schuh's bio at   - Remember the AFL
09 Sep 2005
*POSTED 12 Sep 2005*
          Great site.  I have been an Oakland Raider fan since they were originally "The Senores"; I have the original 7 home game programs from the 1960 season.  I am wondering if there are any comparable sets existing.  Also, why are the
Jets not recognized as the Titans?  Let’s hear from some collectors out there.

             If you have any memorabilia, clippings, etc. that have the name "Senores", I'd like to see them.   The Jets ARE "recognized as the Titans" on THIS website!  Most media people today are too young to remember that the Jets were once called the Titans!   - Remember the AFL
The following was posted on Robert Phillips’ site on 09/12/2005
Artie Zahn:
          Great website! Glad I found it.
          Question: What influenced the decision of the owners of the Colts, Browns, and Steelers to join forces with the AFL clubs for the merger?  The Colts and the Browns were two of the best franchises in the NFL at the time, and as it turned out, the Steelers were on their way to a dynasty.

              A little thing called "money".  They each received, from the indemnity paid by the AFL, three million dollars apiece to join the AFC.  They also were owned by three of the most progressive, least hide-bound owners in the NFL, Carroll Rosenbloom, Art Modell, and Art Rooney, Sr.  Years before the merger, I wrote to all sixteen of the NFL owners, suggesting a season-ending game between the champions of the two leagues.   Only three of the sixteen answered and showed interest: Rosenbloom, Modell, and Rooney!   - Remember the AFL
2135 E Valley PkwyEscondido, CA 92027
          Great site!  OK, Besides money, I still am trying to find out exactly why the Colts, Steelers and Browns were chosen to go to the AFC.   Was it just that simple?   Here's a theory I have been kicking around: If you look at the final 1968 NFL standings, Baltimore and Cleveland met for the NFL title.   Pittsburgh had the worst record at one and thirteen. The two best and worst franchises were chosen to balance the competition for the weaker (as perceived in 1969) league?

             I bet you also believe there were two shooters in Dallas!   - Remember the AFL

From Bill Casey:
28 Sep 2005
          Outstanding site commemorating a truly unique league, the only league that was able to take on the mighty NFL and "compromise" with them (via a merger).   Sunday broadcasts on NBC made the AFL popular.   It was a more wide open, colorful, renegade league. I got hooked on those games with Gowdy and Christman in the booth.   Like other AFL fans, I knew the league was better than what it was given credit for.   Many NFL fans thought of the AFL as a minor league, but those two Super Bowl victories proved our point.
          One player not listed in your HOF but deserving of recognition is Tom Keating, a defensive tackle with the [Bills and] Raiders.
          Thanks for the memories!
From Nick C.:
          I was 16 years old when I caught my first AFL game on TV.   At first, I didn't recognize any of the players, but to this day I remember those games as being "fresh", wide open, and zany, all at the same time.  For those reasons, I was drawn back to the AFL every Saturday - who knew what would happen??!!
          I remember one game, (I think it was
Buffalo vs. the Titans, but I wouldn't bet the ranch on that), a small fight broke out on the field between two opposing players.  Next thing you know, the benches cleared, and it was a real brawl.   I remember, almost verbatim, the broadcaster's comments - "Now the benches have cleared, and both teams are fighting on the field - EACH MAN PICKING OUT HIS OWN INDIVIDUAL FIGHT!"   While that was humorous, it was also VERY accurate - that was exactly what was happening on the field.  They finally restored order, and no one was hurt, but it was exciting.
          I also remember
"Jackie" Kemp scrambling around 25-30 yards behind the line of scrimmage trying to avoid tackles. "LOOK OUT JACKIE KEMP", the announcer would say.   I would wonder, "who is that nut?"  Now he's a former congressman - that's progress, I guess.   Remember, this is before the days of Fran Tarkenton.
          I remember Billy Cannon, near the end of his career in Oakland, taking a handoff on an end-around play, and collapsing without anyone laying a hand on him - I think it was a back injury - end of career.
           If you want to put a label on those early AFL games, use "Wild and Woolly".  I think that pretty much sums it up.  I really miss it.       Nick C. ~ Baltimore, Maryland
From Larry G. Sutton:
Parkville, Mo.
          I became a Chiefs fan in 1963 at age 13 the year they moved to K.C.
I attended many games at Municipal Stadium and watched many practices at
William Jewell College in Liberty, MO, the Chiefs' summer home.
My favorite memory is also the one that Fred Arbanas and Lamar Hunt mentioned.
K.C. Chiefs 66, Chicago Bears 24.   I bought my first season ticket that vear.
It was a classic, the NFL Bears, with Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus and
the rest.   I will never forget it.   The Chiefs had lost to the Packers in the AFL vs. NFL
World Championship, and Coach Lombardi had stated the AFL was not as
good as the NFL.   That game against the Bears was fantastic.   There were
two drunk Bears fans setting in front of me talking that same theme.
          What a hangover they must have had the next day.
          That, along with the World Champion K.C. Chiefs game against the Vikings,
were PROUD days for all of the AFL.
          Thanks for your work in keeping the AFL from being lost in the past.
          An old AFL fan.
          I, to this day still call it the AFL-West. The AFC-West are all AFL-Teams.
          Thanks again, Larry G. Sutton
Bethpage, N.Y.
November 10, 2005
Dear Remember the AFL faithful,
          Recently, one of my co-workers brought in his copy of the December 1971 Pro Football Digest.  While glancing through this trip down memory lane, I came across some beauties, like Lance Alworth being featured in the crossword puzzle, Gale Sayers' game he'll never forget, the NFL's most overrated and underrated players, and a letter to the editor replying to the Baltimore Coltsí Mike Curtisí comments about being "moved to the AFL" in the merger, written by Mr. Coniglio of Amherst, NY.   It was great how he fought back for the Honor of the AFL.  I loved it.
           On another note, I recently acquired the 1969 Kansas City Chief Yearbook on Ebay and I'd love to send you digital photos of every page.  It's in incredible condition, and I'd like to know if you have any interest in sharing it with the rest of the AFL family.
           And lastly, I'd like to nominate Mr. Coniglio for enshrinement in "Remember the AFL".   You've done a lot more for the AFL than most (even Chris Berman) and deserve the recognition from all of us who appreciate the time and effort, as well as cost, into this labor of love.   Please consider it our way of saying thanks.
           Thanks for all you do, I love the site, I'm here a lot.
           Regards, Johnyrad

               Thanks for the thought.  If I put myself in the AFL Hall of Fame, I'd be doing what the NFL does with NFL Films!  You may not know that both Ed Sabol and Steve Sabol of NFL Films are on this year's list of nominees for the "pro football" hall of fame.  So two guys who do nothing more than make glorified commercials for the NFL are nominated for its hall of fame!  - Remember the AFL
November 12, 2005
           Thank you for setting the record straight.   I appreciate your comments.  Your website is great and I have emailed several retired Raiders to check it out.   Keep up the great work.
            Best Regards,
            Wayne Hawkins, #65
From Bob Parlapiano:
Dear Mr. Coniglio,
          I just stumbled upon your website while Googling "Sonny Werblin."
          I have now found something that will occupy every free moment in my life!   I have been a Titans/Jets fan since my first-ever football game at the age of seven on September 24, 1961 (Broncos at Titans).  One of the happiest days of my life was January 12, 1969, followed very closely by January 11, 1970, as the AFL tied the NFL in Super Bowl wins!
          Thank you for this website.   My two kids (18 and 15) are also big Jets fans and they don't understand why I root for the Patriots to beat the Rams or the Eagles when the Patriots and Jets are big rivals.   You had to be there, I tell them!
          Thanks so much for helping stir up my love for the AFL.   I still miss Balboa Stadium, War Memorial Stadium, the red stripes on the officials' uniforms, and of course the Broncos' hideous horizontal striped socks!
          Happy Thanksgiving, and Peace to you and your family!
          Bob Parlapiano ~ Eastchester, NY

              You hit it on the head, Bob:  the Bills are my team: but even in the regular season, if the Jets play the Chargers, I root for the Chargers, but  if the Jets play the (fill in any NFL team) I root for the Jets.  The AFL owners still haven't figured out that if they had kept the leagues separate, every AFL vs. NFL game would be a mini-Super Bowl.  Please tell your friends about my AFL pages.  - Remember the AFL
From Michael Chamberlain:
Tomball, Texas
       Much to my chagrin, I was born in 1970 and therefore, never got to see an AFL game.   However, I am a huge AFL supporter and I love this website for what it represents.   I have ALWAYS rooted for the AFC in the Super Bowl and to this day, my favorite teams are the Bengals and the Chargers.   In fact, if forced to list my favorites in order, the first 10 would be the AFL franchises.   I am glad that the Chargers finally got around to retiring Lance Alworth's number 19 this past weekend.   Why that wasn't done earlier is a mystery to me?   Someone I have worked with in the past is a Raider fan and when we got to talking about the AFL, he recommended this website.   I had seen it before, but thought you should know that your work does not go ignored.   Congratulations on a fabulous website and I hope to do my part in trying to help people "REMEMBER THE AFL".
       Michael Chamberlain
From Fred Arbanas on Lance Alworth:
        A very good piece on a former player that was super on the field and off. Some of today's guys could learn a lot from him.
From Nick C.
Baltimore, MD
       When I first emailed you my remembrances of the AFL, I thought
that would be the end of it.  Since then, I've been getting updates
and other articles from you much to my surprise and delight.  Thank
        I've put you in my address book, so as other AFL events, stories, etc.,
pop into my mind, I'll be sure to send them to you.  Talking to my brother
about the AFL yesterday, (10 years younger than me), the first thing out
of his mouth was "They used to play on Saturdays".  Another fan who
hasn't forgotten the AFL !  Hey - we're out there - it just takes a guy like
you and your efforts to renew our spirit. ~ Nick
From Joe Laplante:
Cranston, RI
Hi Ange,
       Thanks for the Rookies of the Year page.   It brought back memories of arguments I used to have with a Bengals fan about the relative merits of Greg Cook v. Carl Garrett and which one was the REAL Rookie of the Year.   Funny thing is, those arguments were in 1979-1980 or so, a full decade after those two guys were honored and long after the AFL was swallowed up by the NFL.   I guess a good sports argument is never out of date.
       Joe LaPlante

From Bob Higgins:
Hudson, NH
       Ange, what a treasure you are to us old AFL fans.  Please keep it coming.  Iím a Patriots fan from day one when I was a junior in high school in 1960. 
       One note of interest, I was in boot camp with Matt Snell #41 of the Jets in Memphis in January of 1965.  The Naval Air Training Command held a press conference as ABC-TV awarded Snell a new Chrysler convertible for being AFL rookie of the year for the 1964 season.  Matt and I went to the conference, me as the audio-visual guy because I had just graduated from an electronics two year school and Matt as the recipient.  All the others in our company had to do marching exercises.  Matt and I were more interested in the shrimp and roast beef that the Navy laid out as we had been in boot camp food for several weeks and this was a real break.  Matt was a parachute rigger recruit and I later heard that Weeb Ewbank went nuts when he found out that his valuable player had to make at least one jump out of an airplane.
       Best regards,
       Bob Higgins
       Hi-Peak Technical Sales

From Richard Geib:
       Thanks for the opportunity to relive important memories.
       I have to say I was shocked to learn from your website that the second half
kickoff in Super Bowl I had to be re-kicked because one of the networks [NBC] came
back late and missed the first one!   And that the Chiefs got worse field
position as a result!
       Does anyone from the Boston area remember another bizarre occurrence during
a Texans-Patriots game played at night?  On what was to be the last play of
the game, a fan ran out on the field into the end zone and knocked down what
might have been a winning touchdown pass thrown by Len Dawson.  The refs let
the game end and Boston won!
       I was 13 when the AFL started.  I was a die-hard Chicago Bear fan but I
started watching AFL games from the beginning on our little black and white
TV.  It was fun pulling for the underdog and watching the league develop.  I
went to a large high school but I cannot remember anyone ever talking about
the AFL.  My best friend would laugh at me at times because I liked a "rinky
dink" league.  I was so nervous during the Packers-Chiefs game that my dad
kept yelling at me to "calm down".  The Jets beating the Colts was an
emotional experience that I cannot put in words.
       Your website indicates to me that the American Football League was an
important part of the lives of many people.  I am happy that the story of
the American Football League unfolded during a time when I could experience
it.  It may be just a "sports thing" but it is really another chapter in a
long line of American pioneering successes.  Keep up the good work.  ~ Richard

Richard: know that there were MILLIONS of fans of the BIlls, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos. etc., who all had that same ineluctable feeling of joy when "our" Jets beat the so-called "best team in pro football history"!  - Remember the AFL
From Steve A.:
          I really enjoy your website...what about
Art Powell as an AFL star who belongs in the HOF?

Art Powell is in the AFL Hall of Fame; see his biography.  I certainly believe that a great many of the players I have listed in the AFL Hall of Fame belong in the "pro football" hall of fame.  I've also added Powell's name to my list of top AFL players.  I can't see how any reasonable football fan can look at that list of players and NOT conclude that the selection process used by the "pro football" hall of fame is SERIOUSLY flawed.
- Remember the AFL

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