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The American Football League Trading Post ©

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AFL MEMORABILIA:    Many e-mails I receive from American Football League fans involve their search for AFL memorabilia - films of old games, logo items, jerseys, programs, etc.  As a courtesy to those fans who are helping to preserve the memory of the league that was the genesis of modern professional football, I've established:

The American Football League Trading Post ©

      To use this service, e-mail me at, with your name, e-mail address and mailing address, and tell me if you want your e-mail address and/or mailing address posted.  Include a message describing the memorabilia you'd like to acquire or trade.    The American Football League Trading Post © is a non-profit arrangement solely for the benefit of AFL fans.   If you use this service, you agree to make your name and e-mail address available to other fans who may wish to trade AFL memorabilia.  All transactions are between fans, and The American Football League Trading Post © is in no way involved with any such transaction, nor does it profit from nor guarantee any transaction.  After the initial post by a user, AFL fans interested in a trade should contact the poster directly.
      I will edit and post your messages as time permits.   No message that uses offensive language will be posted.  To avoid "spam", I have added "nospam." to all e-mail addresses.  To contact the individual, remove the characters "nospam." from the address.

From Ange Coniglio:
12/27/2004 12:00 PM EDT

I'm looking for images of the AFL Championship rings for 1960 and 1961 (Oilers); 1962 (Texans) and 1966 (Chiefs).  I'll use them on my AFL webpage at and credit the source.

From Gene Jessup:
12/27/2004 6:02:39 PM EDT

I am still searching high and low for "pure" AFL game films and especially for films of those first interleague pre-season games, played after Super Bowl I and before the 1967 regular season. I really would like to find (a) if those game films exist, and (b) if copies can be had. I am intersted in those and the subsequent pre-merger, interleague games (played before the '68 and '69 seasons, respectively). Those games meant a great deal to the typical AFL fan, who had been waiting for such a long time to square off against the supposedly superior NFL (which controlled the sports print media, for the most part).

From jack barry:
Date: 12/29/2004

1) "Violence Every Sunday"... the story of Mike Holovak and the '63 Patriots.

will sell ala an ebay auction, with profits going to Angie for his expenses.

Thanks, Jack:  To keep my amateur status, any proceeds will be contributed to an appropriate charity. 
Remember the AFL

From Michael Sands:
Date: 12/30/2004
I'm looking for a full-sized Miami Dolphins felt pennant with a single-bar facemask helmet and an AFL logo at the lower left below the helmet. Thank you, Michael Sands, 13626 Holmes St., #15, Yucaipa, Calif., 92399, 909-795-6312.

From Tom Greff:
Date: 12/30/2004

Hi All,
It's good to keep the memory of the AFL alive. I'm looking for AFL radio broadcasts. I'd especially like to find some old Jets games broadcast by Merle Harmon.

From Ron Knedler:
Date: 12/30/04

I'm looking for photos,film,or video tape of the 1963 AFL Championship Game between the San Diego Chargers and the Boston Patriots. Also looking for the poster-sized color photo of the 1963 Chargers. Thanks!

From Pat Namanny:
Date: 12/30/2004

I am always interested in AFL programs for the first 3 or 4 years of the league, i.e. 1960 - 1963.  I am also interested in obtaining copies of any AFL films or radio broadcasts involving the Oakland Raiders during the AFL years of 1960 - 1969.  If you have any of those items for sale, please contact me.  Thanks!  And Happy New Year!  Long live our wonderful memories of the old AFL!

From Bob:
Date:  12/31/2004

Looking for Bills 1960 program, any AFL games on DVD.

From Jim McCullough:
Date:   01/01/2005

I am looking for a video or DVD copy of the HBO special Rebels With A Cause and the old AFL. Also any good pictures of the Raiders in action in that era, especially in the old black and gold uniforms.    Thanks

From George:
Date: 01/01/2005

Hey fellow AFL devotees!

Special thanks to Ange for doing God's work! I 'm always on the lookout for any original AFL footballs.  Just got back from Canton . . . was salivating . . they had the balls with all 4 different signatures on them.  Though it was painful to look at the AFL balls with demon "Rozelle" signed on them.  That's one ball I DON'T want!   1969 balls had him on them due to merger. 

From Mickey McDermott:
Date:   01/02/2005

Does anyone know if there is such thing as a Dallas Texans replica jersey out there?   I have seen helmets, but no jerseys.

Thanks in advance,  Mickey McDermott

To my recollection, the jerseys were the same as when they moved to KC.  Remember the AFL

From mark tovern:
Date: 01/04/2005

looking for 3 game progams from 1969 to finish off my dolphins programs collection   9/14/69 @cinn, 10/04/69 vs raiders, 12/7/69 vs denver as well as any game or radio broadcasts of 66-69 dolphins games any help would be appreciated and will pay top dollar   help a dolphins fan in new england :(

From Red Rowe:
Date: 01/05/2005

Hello all, I am a collector of all Patriot items so I am always searching for unique as well as common items to complete a collection that I know can never be completed.  I have a very small collection of AFL Boston Patriot items so would be interested in hearing from anyone that has items.  I frequent flea markets and antique shops looking for old football items (I also collect Boston Braves, Boston Bulldogs, Boston Shamrocks, Boston Yanks and Boston Redskins), so will be on the lookout for other AFL teams in the hopes of making a trade someday.

From john arnette:
Date: 01/08/2005

looking for any game film of the afl championships or, any regular season games. or call 330-385-9218. thank you. remember the AFL

From jim sharp:
Date: 01/11/2005
Looking for throwback Oilers jerseys from AFL days.  Anyone know if they are out there?
Thanks,   Jim

From Ed Fulda:
Date: 01/14/2005

I am looking for copies of the Sporting News Official AFL Guides. Specifically looking for 1961 through 1967 editions.

I also have several Chiefs decals from 1966 and 1968 that are available for trade.

From joe bart:
Date: 01/15/2005


1. video of jets vs raiders 1968 championship game

2. poster of history of AFL uniforms ... American Football League The Upstarts...
15 Jan 2005

Looking for film footage of the 1960 Buffalo Bills or the 1961 Houston Oilers.

From Buz Weisberg:
Date: 01/16/2005

I am looking for any films of the Broncos along with programs.  Very interested in original throwback caps of the Chargers as well as their powder blue with "bolts", caps.

From raiderwill:
Date:  1/17/2005

I am looking for the program: Raiders vs Patriots - played on Aug 28 1960 in Boston.    Also any other Raiders programs from 1960 to 2004.

From Pete:
Date: 01/25/2004

Looking for any Oakland Raider tapes, programs, video or possible footage
already burned on DVD for the years 1967, 1968, 1969. Any game films from
regular season and or playoffs from the above seasons. Also looking for
player photos from these years and in particular a photo of Daryle Lamonica
and John Rauch . . . . . . thanks . . . Pete                       Cell phone is 727-741-6836

From Dale A. Stram:
Date:  01/29/2005

I would like to purchase a program from the 1962 Championsip Game between the Dallas Texans and the Houston Oilers and the 1971 Christmas Day game program between the Chiefs and Dolphins.
I am always interested in any game worn uniforms and memorabilia from the AFL.
Dale A. Stram
(504) 236-5770

Ed Zukel
Date:  01/29/2005

I'm interested in any authentic, game-used Kansas Ciy Chiefs items from the 60's and early 70's; items such as helmets, jackets, pants, jerseys, rain ponchos, shoes, etc.   Also, any high quality photographs (color or black and white) of Chiefs games played at old Municipal Stadium in Kansas City.

I've been collecting football memorabilia - especially Chiefs items - since I was a kid.   I recently put together a catalog of my entire football collection.  If anyone wants an electronic copy of the catalog just email me and I'll send it out to you on a CD.   Thanks very much.

From Gil Gomen:
Date: 02/01/2005

I have some games that may be of interest to AFL & Chiefs fans. Check my web page at:
I also have some posters of current Chiefs to trade.

From Dan Gage:
Date: 02/01/2005

FossBall.jpg (281429 bytes)

I have a regulation AFL football, used in a NY Titans game at the Polo Grounds in their first season . . . Bobby Scrabis was in for a series of downs, replacing Al Dorrow.   It is in excellent condition but is not one of those pretty fresh out of the box items you can buy at a concession stand.  It has been on a shelf and well cared for these forty-odd years.   It has the signature of the first commissioner, Joe Foss.


From mark tovern:
Date: 02/03/2005

help anyone have dolphins memorabilia or know of a connection for programs as well as si posters miami dolphin fan stuck in New england thanks

From Charlie:
Date: 02/06/2005

Looking for a cap with the original AFL Pats logo. If anyone has a lead please email me. Thanks!!

From Bob Higgins:
Date: 02/21/2005

Looking for color photos of Boston Patriot games in action.

Date:  03/05/2005



From Arthur:
Date:  03/11/2005

I am looking for any AFL broadcasts on VHS or DVD.  The year or team is not important (though I am a Broncos fan), but I would like a complete game, rather than highlights.   If anybody has one or more games in this format, please let me know.  Thank you.

01 Apr 2005

I am a big collector of AFL audio and video broadcasts.  I have the most of the AFL title broadcasts on radio with some playoffs as well as the 62 title game and SBs III and IV complete.Would love any other games to trade for these.  Feel free to email for trade details!     Thanks and good luck.

From Terry Lauckner:
3 April 2005

I collect AFL telecasts and radio
broadcasts.  Included are the following:
1. 1962 AFL title
4. SB IV
Radio broadcasts...
1. 64 AFL title
2. 65 AFL title
3. 68 AFL title
4. SBs I-IV
5. 69 AFL po Jets-Chiefs
6. 69 AFL title
Also the team hilite albums of the 68 Jets and 69 Chiefs.
I would be interested in trading these for anything that you or anyone that
you might know has that I dont have listed.
Any help would be appreciated.

From Haywood Hillyer:
13 April 2005
(504) 899-9055
New Orleans, LA

Great site and idea!!!   I am looking for AFL logo pennants with the old team logos, therefore pre-helmet pennants (hence, pre-1967).   I would like to purchase or trade.

From Larry Sanders:
3:02 PM EDT

Great web site you have...enjoyed it all...and am a Denver Broncos collector looking for any of the 1960 programs (specifically 1st home game of 10-2-60 v Oakland Raiders...and any associated tickets, memorabilia).

Thank you.     Larry Sanders  

From J. Sollazzo:
9 lester drive
orangeburg, ny 10962
27 Jun 2005

Great tribute to the AFL.  Please note I am currently looking
for the NBC tape of the 1968 AFL championship game between the Jets and
Raiders.  This game was blacked out in the New York area and was seen on
tape delay at 11:30 pm est.  Being only seven years old at the time, I
have never seen the full game in its entirely.  So I ask if anyone has
this tape, remember this is the NBC tape and not the half hour NFL films
version, I would love to acquire.  Please contact me at the e-mail address
and the mailing address given.  Thanks alot and keep the memories alive
of this great league.     J. Sollazzo

From Jon Ellison:
7/12/2005 12:02:25 AM EDT

Greetings AFL Fans,
I have been searching high & low for the highlight film of the 1969 Cincinatti Bengals. I have lots of team highlights & games to trade. Please e-mail me if interested.  I will also pay top $$$ for the highlights. Thank you! ~ Jon Ellison

From Nita Le Van:

I am interested in 1960-1969 Denver Broncos programs, tickets, and memorabilia.  I have some John Elway things to trade if interested.

From Larry Shockley:

I am a huge fan of the AFL and I have been searching
in vain for a copy of "Rebels with a Cause: The Story
of the American Football League".

I have yet to see this Documentary.

I have plenty of video to trade, if anyone is
interested please let me know.

Memorabilia that I would like to Aquire:

"Rebels with a Cause: The Story of the American
Football League (1995) (TV)"

This documentary chronicles the story of the American
Football League from its founding in 1960 to its
merger with the National Football League in 1966.
Included is footage from some of the early A.F.L.
games as well as the first four Super Bowls.

Thanks, Larry Shockley

Note:  The show was originally produced by and shown on HBO.  Remember the AFL
12 Sep 2005

          i'm looking to buy or trade for copies of the two following afl playoff games on vhs or dvd:
          1968 divisional game Raiders 41 / Chiefs 6
          1969 divisional game Raiders 56 / Oilers 7
          if you have or know anyone who has either highlights or full games available for purchase or trade please let me know as i am VERY interested.     thanks... B

From Denis Dym:

          I am looking for a video of the 1963 AFL championship game between San Diego and Boston.   Thank you,  Denis Dym

From John Mineo:

          I am trying to find the Mascots for the original AFL teams in 1960, can you help?
              I don't have much information on AFL team mascots.  Memory tells me that 1960 was before the age of pro football team mascots, but I think the Chiefs had their Indian chief in the mid-1960s, and the Bills had a live bison at about the same time.  The Chargers had a Knight on, of all things, a charger!  The Broncos had a horse, and the guy in the barrel, and the early Jets had a little mock jet plane.  The Oilers had  "Roughneck", an oil field worker, and he may have been the first live "mascot" in the early 1960s.  I don't know of any other names of the mascots, except for "Pat the Patriot", which started out as a newspaper cartoon character in 1960, and developed into today's Pats' mascot. ~  Remember the AFL 
From Billy Russo:
Floral Park, NY


        As a recipient of your "Remember the AFL" news letter and site, I was wondering if you know where I can get the complete all-time roster with jersey numbers for the New York Jets from 1962, up-to and including our ONLY super bowl winning 1968 team?        Every site I go to has only limited information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm especially interested on the complete roster WITH numbers for the '68 Jets.  I can't believe how difficult this is turning out to be.
        Thanks, Billy

From Dave McGregor

        I've been to the Thansgiving Day game site twice. The Titans had a nice comeback in  ' 62.
        I've got a few AFL items for sale/trade. If you have the time to post them I would appreciate it.
' 67 pocket schedules ( 6 )
' 66 media guide
' 66 team picture ( 3x5 color postcard )
' 66 8 x 10 autograph ( probably facsimile ) color pictures
      two sets of eight each-Blanda,Tolar,Hennigan,Burrell,Blanks,etc.
' 68 team picture ( b&w )
Lou Saban 8 x 10 b&w non-glossy autographed ( probably facsimile ) picture
Go Broncos Go sticker ( bucking bronco & player )
Go With The New Broncos bumper sticker
Mimeographed form letter from Val Pinchbeck, PR Dir. 6/4/69
The Sporting News AFL Guides
My home address is: Dave McGregor
2771 N. 70
Milwaukee, WI 53210
From James Elliot:

       Hi, I'm an AFL fan looking for 1st year painted teams for Tudor Electric Football Games. These would be from 1967. Tudor was the 1st toy company to have licenses from the NFL & AFL to paint the players in their official team uniforms. The AFL teams were only released in their Dark Jerseys. All players have "Hong Kong" stamped on the bottom of their Stands. The teams were available from Tudor Games in Brooklyn, N.Y., by the mailing in the order form & $1.50.  I collect all Tudor Teams & Game Boards from the 60s & 70s, but I'm trying to complete the original "8" from 1967.  I buy complete or partial teams & Games. My address is:

James Elliott
515 Fountain Street
Havre de Grace, MD 21078

From Jerry Baskett:
Allen, Texas

I have been an American Football League and Jets fan since 1964.  The earliest game I remember was the 1964 AFL Championship Game between the San Diego Chargers and the Buffalo Bills from a snowy Buffalo War Memorial Stadium.  In that game, Keith Lincoln was KOíd from game in the opening series of the game.  I remember 1965 Championship re-match with the Bills winning back to back this time at San Diego Balboa Stadium.  Well, Iím looking for the original NBC November 17, 1968, broadcast, not a highlight tape, between the Jets and Raiders, aka Heidi Bowl.      
Curt Gowdy called this see-saw contest.

Any information on how I could get a VHS or DVD copy, please e-mail me at

        Lance Alworth was my childhood hero and am looking for game films of his greatest games.

        Thank You.

From Jon:

          I am looking for a game film of the 1963 playoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Boston Patriots. Please e-mail me if anyone has any idea if this exists. Thank You.

From Mark:


From Vinny:

i am a huge afl fan, i have a game ball from a 1964 raider / chargers game that i want to sell, thank you sir

From Mike:

    Looking for autographs of many older AFL players and coaches, some of whom are deceased and some who were not very well known.  Would appreciate the opportunity to buy or trade for any hand-signed flat items (e.g., 8x10, index or gum card, first day cover, mag picture, canceled check, etc.) of past Oilers Doug Cline, Mike Dukes, Bobby Gordon, Mark Johnston, Wally Lemm, Lou Rymkus, Dave Smith and Julian Spence, Chargers George Blair, Keith Kinderman, Charlie McNeil, Bob Mitinger, Don Norton, Bo Roberson, Jim Warren and Bob Zeman, Jets Verlon Biggs, Earl Christy, Mike D'Amato, John Dockery, Ray Hayes, Karl Henke, Billy Joe, Curley Johnson, Pete Lammons, Bill Rademacher, Jeff Richardson, Mike Stromberg, Steve Thompson, Sam Walton and Lee White.

    Any and all help or suggestions appreciated, and will happily try to return any favors. Thanks in advance.    
                                                                     - Umpie (Mike) -

From Owen Wilson:

Fellow AFL Fans;

          Back in '62 or '63 there was a magazine called SPORT.  One issue featured the Buffalo Bills and there fan base.  A picture of two boys reaching up to Ken Riceís shoulder pads was in this issue.  The picture is of me and my brother.
         I would like to find and purchase a copy.
         Can anyone help?     Owen

Mark Palczewski

Looking for the 1967 Buffalo Bills team highlight film on video, dvd, or film. The Bills finished a disappointing 4-10.  The team MVP was #20 - Keith Lincoln.  If you can be of any help please contact me at

Hi, I have about 100 oversized AFL football cards from the 1965 season that I purchased myself in '65.  They're not in great condition but if you know anyone who might be interested, contact me at
July, 2006
Hi Angelo - Great site!! I was wondering if you could help me out, I am looking for photos of Rich Jackson from the 1967 and 1968 seasons wearing the home orange.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
(also, would you know of anyplace to get old AFL Broncos jerseys?)
Tom ~
July, 2006
Hi. I have a question. Do you have a list of the
playing rules from the AFL(like from the Sporting News
AFL History Guide 1960-1969)? If you do, then can you
either mail or e-mail me them? If you don't, then do
you know someone who or somewheres were I can get a
copy of them from that guide? I have looked over and and been unsuccessful.

Thank You,
John E. Moyer, III
Highland, NY ~
July, 2006
I am trying to find the name of the song used on afl tv broadcasts in the first season (or 2). I have been told it is the same song used for Detroit Redwings radio broadcasts from the 1950's & 60s which is why I am looking for it.
Can you help
John Makar
Michigan Sports Hall of Fame ~ 

August 7, 2006
          I am trying to obtain a list of the NY Jets Super Bowl III champions that includes a reference to running back Lee White. I would even like to obtain a list of players listing White on the Jets rooster.
          I don't mind having my e-mail and/or mailing address posted. Include a message describing the memorabilia you'd like to acquire or trade
          1181 Arbor Park Lane S.W.
          Atlanta, GA 30311

September 6, 2006
           First off, I want to thank you for preserving the memory of all of these AFL stars, many of whom have yet to be recognized for their major contributions to shaping the current NFL.  I thought this might be the best place to get accurate information on the following.  I would like to find, for my father, a historically accurate Boston/NE Patriots Jim Nance jersey.  In addition to having Patriots season tickets for over 30 years and being an avid student of the game, my father is also a graduate of Syracuse University, where Jim Nance played his college ball.  I have seen the jersey he wears on the card on your website, but know he wore several others. Is there a way for me to access other photos of Jim Nance?  Also, is there a company that specializes in these historically accurate Jerseys?  Any assistance you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.  My father has been bringing me to football games since I was 8 (I am now 25) and would be proud to wear his Jim Nance jersey 8 Sundays a year to Gillette Stadium.

Thank you,
Ted Forgit
Boston, MA
Ange: I hope this email finds you well.
Your site is fantastic.
Just finished looking at it for the 100th time.
I was reading about Curt Gowdy and his comments about Tex Maule.
That got me to thinking.
I have Super Bowls 3 and 4 on video.
The Jets win is in great shape, but the Chiefs win is the network
feed but out of
Canada and in
black and white.
Do you have the other two Super Bowls on tape?
Any old AFL games on tape?
I would pay handsomely for some of that stuff.
Thanks, Bob.

Bob Lenertz
News Director
Tyler, Texas 75701
December 5, 2006
           I attended all the home games of the Houston Oilers at Jeppesen Stadium in 1960, including the championship game against the Los Angeles Chargers on January 1, 1961. I recently purchased a 22 minute black-and-white promotional film on DVD of the the 1960 Houston Oilers' "Championship Season."  Can anyone tell me where other films of the original years of the AFL are available?
           Tom Hunter
           Denver, CO
December 23, 2006
Interested in AFL game footage. 
Please post my email address. 
Richard Geib

January 14, 2007
 a young guy (I'm 51 now) growing up in Illinois, we could get Chiefs games on TV.  I always enjoyed them and became a fan of the AFL.  I've always thought it would be good to find VHS videos of their games, or any AFL games . . . and documentaries about the league.  Today, I finally did some searching on the Internet and came up with your site where I learned about your trading post.  It looks like a good place to possibly come up with them.
           Please go ahead and post my e-mail address on your trading post site.
           I'm not real particular about what kind of videos might be available, but any documentaries would be good as would old game tapes.  I particularly remember enjoying Chiefs-Raiders games because they always real battles!
           Thanks! ~
Kevin Stephenson
February 5, 2007
          I am interested in videos or tapes of old American Football League games.  Please contact me if you have any for trade or sale. ~
Mark Vorpahl
February 16, 2007
Am looking to acquire (buy or swap for) any autograph hand-signed by one of the following deceased AFL/AFC athletes.  Am trying to put together a collection for my three still-young grandkids and would appreciate any help or suggestions.  E-mail any time at Thanks in advance. - Mike -

CLINE, Doug (1960-66, LB, Clemson), Oilers
GORDON, Bobby (1960, DB, Tennessee), Oilers
JOHNSON, Dan (1983-87, TE, Iowa State), Dolphins
LEIGH, Charles (1971-74, RB, No college), Dolphins
STUCKEY, Henry (1972-74, CB, Missouri), Dolphins
LEMM, Wally (1961, 1966-70, HC, Lake Forest), Oilers
McNEIL, Charley (1960-64, CB, Compton JC), Chargers
ROBERSON, Bo (1962-65, WR, Cornell), Raiders
SMITH, Don (1990, RB, Mississippi State), Bills
SPENCE, Julian (1960-61, S, Huston-Tillotson), Oilers
WHITE, Lee (1968-70, RB, Weber State), Jets
February 21, 2007
I have mini helmets of each and every version used by all of the AFL teams
(as well as all NFL, AAFC, and 2200 colleges) for sale or trade. I am
interested in ticket stubs and game programs from special games such as a
teams very first game, first game in a new town (i.e. '63 Chiefs, '61 SD
Chargers, '66 Dolphins), highlight films (VHS or DVD), and other unique

Please see the helmets at and don't hesitate to contact me. ~ Andy
February 21, 2007
Hi, my name is Paul Wurst, my address is: 23 Calvin Court, Old Bridge, NJ 08857.
e-mail address is:
I'm looking for a 1960 LOS ANGELES CHARGERS PRESS GUIDE, AND 1962 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS PRESS GUIDE.  If anyone out there happens to have one or both of these for sale, I am definitely interested in purchasing these.  Go Chargers!!!  Thanks a lot.
February 22, 2007
Hello.  My name is Joe Delellis, 11 Fordham Circle, Pueblo Colorado 81005.
e-mail is:
I have some old AFL items that may be of interest to some collectors.  A set of 1966 Houston Oiler autographed 8 by 10 color photos in mint condition.  They are still in the original package, unopened.  Also, assorted 5 by 7 photos of the 65 Chargers, ticket stubs from the Broncos - Lions and the Broncos - Vikings preseason games that were the first two games ever played between AFL and NFL teams.  If interested please contact me.  Serious only.
February 27, 2007
Looking for a mini Dallas Texans helmet. ~ Bob
March 23, 2007
I have Copies on DVD of the 1967 Oakland Raiders Season Hi-lights.  This is of their Championship Season, with about 27 minutes of footage of some of their regular season games as well as the playoffs, and the AFL vs NFL Championship game A.K.A. Super Bowl 2 versus the Packers.  This is a rare hi-light taken from a 16 mm film roll that is in color and is sponsored by the Commerce Bank of Oakland and United Airlines and not NFL films.  If interested, please contact me by E-mail or phone and we can talk trade or money.
Troy Tiner 408-922-0397

March 31, 2007
I've lost a lot of media guides in a move.  Would anyone know where I can obtain (pay even) for AFL media guides?
Thank you,

April 15, 2007
I would like to get a film from the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets , game three 1968 . The game was won by the Bills 37-35 . If such a film exists , could you please inform where I might buy it . Thankyou very much. ~ Michael Carey

April 24, 2007
Great site!  I'm an avid collector of Original Broadcast football games and am wondering if you have any games from the 60's AFL years. I do have some and you can view these at to hear from you soon. ~ Raj

WANTED: Henry Stuckey Miami Dolphins jersey, perferably unsigned. If anyone knows where I can find one, either real or replica, please email me at Thank you. Also, if anyone knows of any companies that produce team jerseys, and then will add the numbers and the name to order, please give me that information as well. ~ Ian 

June 16, 2007
I am looking for any AFL-related Oakland Raiders items.  Mostly pennants.
Paul Silva

July 7, 2007
Hello and great site, my name is Rick and I am looking for the original broadcast or hilites of the 1966 AFL Championship game between the CHIEFS and the BILLS.  I will pay for it or trade something if anybody has it.   And if anyone has any other original broadcast of any of those old AFL games please let me know and e-mail me at
Thank you, RICK
April 2, 2007 (Sorry for the delay.)
Dear AFLers....
          Several years ago I acquired a tape of the 1962 AFL championship game that was broadcast on ABC-TV, with Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman doing the play-by-play and color/analysis.  As all good AFL fans know, this was the overtime all Texas matchup between the Houston Oilers and the Dallas Texans that Dallas won 20-17 on a Tommy Brooker field goal.
          I've often wondered what would have happened had the Texans remained in Dallas and not moved to Kansas City after that season.  The Texans, as I recall, were an 11-3 team, whereas the NFL's Cowboys were a losing team.
          However, I was also wondering if any other ABC broadcasts of early AFL games still exist.  They would be great fun to watch!!  (I would imagine that ABC chucked the tapes and/or film of the games a long time ago.)  I was only 10 to 12 years old at the time, but I do remember the other announcers besides Gowdy.  If I'm correct, Charlie Jones did a ton of games, and didn't Keith Jackson and Jack Buck do some?
          In any case, does anyone know if some of these original ABC AFL broadcasts exist?  If they do, can copies be acquired somehow?
          Thanks ahead of time for your response. ~ Steve B., an original Boston Patriots fan.
P.S.  The San Diego Chargers really need to put those powder blue, lightning bolted uniforms back on.  What's wrong with that ownership?  What they wear now is dull, dull, dull.  Very un-AFLish.
         Thanks again! 

July 29, 2007
           Your website is fantastic.  I have been a Bills fan ever since I went to my first game in 1968.  I was only 10 years old at the time, but I was in awe of Bills.  I love watching any old AFL films when they are on ESPN.  Do you know if there are any old Bills games available to purchase on DVD or VHS.  Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  
Keep up the good work.
           Thanks, ~ Michael Ruiz

August 19, 2007
            I am a life long Buffalo Bills fan and a die hard AFL fan.
            I would love to obtain television copies of Bills games from 1964 - 1966.  I would specifically like TV copies of the 1964 and 1965 AFL Championship games.
            I have autographed photos of many Bills greats to trade or would purchase the games outright.
            Thank you, ~ Gregg O'Shei
August 22, 2007
Hello AFL fans!
           This is a neat site! I sure wish the NFL were more like the AFL...less hot-dogging, more hard nosed football!
            Hey, I have some San Diego Chargers programs from their first season (1960) if any of you are interested.
            I have some up for auction right now on eBay. Search: 'Chargers programs 1960' if you are interested in these.      Otherwise I do have some others that are not listed on eBay!  Just thought that I would let you all know.
            Thanks for your time! ~ Drew
August 31, 2007
I grew up watching the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, and I would love to find any games that they played in on DVD"S.  Especially the late 60's games between the Oakland Raiders (between the 67-69 season's).  Thanks for your web site I have enjoyed looking back in  the greatest times of professional football.  Also I would like to know if there was a chance that we could get a petition set up on your web site to get the American Football Conference name changed to the American Football League.   My E-mail address is  THANKS AGAIN
August 31, 2007
            I have a video tape that has the following: 1960 houston oiler highlights, 1960 dallas texan highlights, 1961 san diego charger highlights, 1962 dallas texan highlights, plus added bonus that I later realized is on the tape....1963 packer highlights, the violent world of sam huff (walter cronkite), and the actual immaculate reception from the live broadcast from december of 72.  all this for $50.00, and I will pay the shipping.
cordially, coach tj

September 6, 2007
            Hi there. 
            I am a long time NY Jets (NY Titans) football fan.  I have recently been doing over my "pool room", and am interested in purchasing any vintage NY Titans and NY Jets Bobblehead dolls.  My contact informationm is Mike Zunno, e-mail
            Appreciate if you could post this to your site. ~ Many thanks, Mike

September 13, 2007
            My name is Virgil Moody and I would like to be listed on your site. I am looking for complete game video of any AFL games from 1966 thru 1969 seasons.

September 18, 2007
             I have several NFL footballs with Pete Rozelle's name on them; also one that has "The Duke" insignia, and one from the old World Football League, collectors items.
             Also authentic football shirts of Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, Portland Storm (WFL) and Boston Sweeper, a real relic.
             Many game programs from various teams from '66 to '76. (I had two first and 2nd Superbowl programs I sold for a good price) so I know these are valuable too. ~ LBG

November 5, 2007
Would like to list some old Houston Oilers items.  Oiler Report newspaper 1980-1982-35 issues. Oilers News newspaper 1993-1994 25 issues.  Good condition.Luv Ya Blue T-Shirts.  
Oilers Telephone.
Please contact Lane Thomas

December 11, 2007
I am looking for information on a 1967 AFL Championship jacket.  Raiders logo, wool w/leather sleeves.  Lined w/football field print, football w/year 1967, Houston VS Raiders.  Can't find any info on how many were made and for whom?   Estimated value??
Any info would be of value,
Lori Parker
           I don't think this was  an original jacket.  I have one that sounds similar.  It's red and blue cotton outside, with the old standing bison Bills logo in red.  It's reversible and inside, it's tan cotton twill with a stadium on the back and the score of the Bills - Chargers 1965 AFL Championship game. It was made by Mirage (possibly an arm of Mitchell and Ness).  The left upper arm on the blue and red outside has an appliqued, generic, brown, old ear-flap helmet, with the words around it "Mirage NFL Throwbacks Vintage Collection".  Neither the AFL logo nor the NFL logo appears anywhere on the jacket. 
           I think I bought it new in about 1995.  My guess is that they were made on anniversaries of AFL team championships.
~  Remember the

December 14, 2007
          I would be interested in acquiring films of old AFL games if any are available.
Dave Hollender

December 29, 2007
I am looking for an original copy of the 1968 AFL Championship game Raiders @ Jets (no highlight film) . . . or any other AFL Championship game other than the 1962 AFL championship game.
Thanks ~ Russ  nospam.

December 30, 2007
I am looking for any and all radio broadcasts of AFL games on cassette tapes or CDs.
~ Charles Prince

January 27, 2008
Mr. Coniglio, 
           I have been a Jets fan since day one and found your site while trying to find the Jets game films from the 1968 season.  I have the complete NBC Superbowl III broadcast which I just transferred to DVD which I would be willing to trade for the Jets/Raiders 68 Championship Game. 
           Do you have any idea where these films can be purchased?  NFL films were of no help whatsoever.   
           Any assistance would be appreciated. ~ Sincerely, Michael Zavoski

February 22, 2008
Scott Downer
             I am looking for a poster of former New York Jets punt returner/Defensive back Mike Battle. The poster I have in mind is from 1970 and was distributed by Sports Illustrated. I shows Battle, # 40 , in the white road uniform of the Jets carrying the ball and making a move on a punt return. I had this poster for many years but my mother threw it away when I went to college.
            Thanks in advance for any leads or info.

February 22, 2008
             Bills fan here.  Through NFL films you can get teams' yearly highlight films going back to 1970.   I am wondering if there is any place to get old AFL footage. 

February 23, 2008
             I have a large quantity of AFL trading cards if anyone is interested in a particular player or team.  I also have a rookie Namath card in excellent condition.

February 25, 2008
              Hello my name is Scott Bowman and my email address is and my mailing address is 111 Rural Gardens Court, Indiana, PA 15701.   I am looking for a Kansas City Chiefs fitted hat, which I saw about 8 years ago at a store in KC and haven't seen it since, even on Ebay.   It was an all yellow fitted hat with the old running chief logo on the front.  The one with the indian and the outline of the states behind it.   I had the thing in my hand and decided not to purchase the hat at that time.   It was during the throwback season of the NFL.  I have never seen it since.   Please help me find one size 7 1/4".
              Sincerely, Scott Bowman 724-465-0618

March 27, 2008
              I am interested in acquiring anything related to the 1960 Los Angeles Chargers.  Looking for pennants, pictures (especially color but any will do), video, letters, game used gear and anything else related to the team.
Also, if you have a story about the team (having attended one, season ticket holder or anything), please contact me, I would love to hear it and possibly publish it.  All credit will be given to the contributor unless anonymity is requested.
Thanks!~ Pete Lowry (760) 525-4272

May 18, 2008
I'm looking for a Mitchell & Ness or Stall & Dean NY Titans throwback in XL or XXL.
My mailing address is 11 Irvington Place, Brooklyn, NY 11230. 
Not interested in the current Reebok throwback.
Mike Massa

June 21, 2008
AFL Fans:
       I'm trying to locate Charlie Hennigan's 1961 AFL Championship Ring.  If you have any idea about the whereabouts of the ring, please contact me. ~ Thanks,

July 2, 2008
Hello, int'd in ---DVD's--- of Raiders playoff games vs:
1968 super bowl vs packers
1968 afl championship vs jets
1969 afl championship vs chiefs
1970 afc championship vs colts
1973 afc championship vs dolphins
1974 afc division playoff vs dolphins
1980 afc division playoff vs browns
1982 afc division playoff vs jets
Mark Immethun 925-895-8283

July 4, 2008
The children of Mike Dukes, former pro football player in the AFL (Houston Oilers, early 60's) are looking for any films, pictures, cards, etc.  Mike was recently killed in an auto accident at the age of 72.   Any memorabilia would be precious to them.  And yes, we will pay for any and all items.  Thanks to all the fans of the AFL. ~ The Dukes Family

July 8, 2008
Dear Sirs !
             Please, here is writing Mrs. Deiminger from Germany and i am asking you for help to find a vintage SpaldingFootball with the AFL-Logo (eagle) from the "Good old Days".
             Can i ask you to do me an favour and give me some advices, where i can take a look to get such a ball.
             Because it is a great desire  i do appreciate your help very, very, much.
             Thanks for your response to: and have a beautiful day. ~ Sincerely, Gertraud

July 8, 2008
          Mr. Coniglio - Excellent site, no other comes close highlighting the AFL.  I have always been a Fan of the AFL.
          AFL Fans - Hello I am Interested in an AFL Football, any condition. If you have one for sale or know of someone that has one or someplace I can purchase one, please email me. ~ Thanks, Fern

July 9, 2008
          As a collector of autographs for my still-young grandchildren, I'm anxious to acquire any of the following original signatures on any flat item (e.g., 8x10, index card, trading card, canceled check, magazine/book page, etc.).  All e-mails answered, and all help or suggestions appreciated.      - Umpie Tammaro - 
CLINE, Doug (Oilers LB, Ď60-66, Clemson)
CRUMP, Harry (Patriots RB, '63, Boston College)
DEWVEALL, Willard (Oilers TE, '61-64, SMU)  
DIXON, Hewritt (Raiders RB, '66-70, Florida A&M)
GORDON, Bobby (Oilers DB, Ď60, Tennessee) 
LEMM, Wally (Oilers HC, Ď60-61, Ď66-70) 
McNEIL,Charlie (Chargers CB, Ď60-64, Compton JC)
NORTON, Don (Chargers WR, '60-66, Iowa)
ROBERSON, Bo (Raiders RB, '65, Cornell)
RYMKUS, Lou (Oilers HC, '60-61)
SPENCE, Julian (Oilers DB, Ď60-61, Huston-Tillotson)
WARNER, Charley (Bills DB, '64-66, Prairie View A&M)

July 9, 2008
also few custom jerseys
working on a website to sell a few of these.

July 9, 2008
I have (2) 1969 "Game Worn" Home ( Red) Kansas City Chief jerseys.  No.77 Jim Tyrer and No. 44 Jerrel Wilson.  Both AFL Hall-of-Famers. Any interest?

August 1, 2008
          I am looking for logos or patches for the New York Jets from the years 1968 to 1975.  Hats with their old logos would be great too
.  Not the logo that they have now, but the one from the Super Bowl era, I've been having a hard time trying to find this item anywhere, I hope you know where i can find it, if you need to reach me please feel free to give me a call at 973 943 7896, thank you.   If anyone has any of these items, please contact me, I would appreciate it.

August 19, 2008
WANTED! Buffalo Bills Game Ticket Stubs - I collect all Buffalo Bills ticket stubs from 1960-1987. Preferably home games. I am trying to fill out my list and I am always buying them no matter what size or condition. Please contact me at ~ John Boutet

August 21, 2008

Thanx for your existence.  I am trying really hard to put together a collection of 8x10 color action photos of AFL players from the mid to late 60's. So far I am doing sort'a decent but I am having a ton of difficulty with certain "favorites".  Someone pleeease direct me to a site where I can obtain photos of: Paul Robinson; Willie Lanier; Robert Holmes; Jim Nance; and Carl Garrett.  An e-mail address, a phone # whatever it takes I am a compulsive obsessive and visa versa so I MUST have these photos. Thanxx, ~ Johnny Allen Owens ~  Address 116 Church Street / Castlewood , Virginia 24224

September 1, 2008
            Hello, Tom Simcox here at   I have the Corporate Seals (EMBOSSER's) for the AAFC's New York Yankees Foot Ball Club inc. and the merged 1949 Brooklyn New York Yankees Foot Ball Club Inc. These are one of a kind items of Foot Ball HistoryLiterally one of a kind.  I would appreciate if you would list them for sale on your site as some one may appreciate such an item.  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  ~ Thank you, Tom Simcox

September 15, 2008
I am looking for older San Diego Charger videos / dvd's.   The years I am looking for are 1963 - 1970. 
             Dale N Sue   

October 16, 2008
ALOHA MR. CONIGLLO, my name is Robert "BEAU" Tackmann.  My father was Bill Tackmann, he was the business manager for the NEW YORK TITANS in the POLO GROUNDS, and I worked in the locker room and on the field  right along side of Sammy Baugh, Don Maynard, Art Powell, etc.  It was a great experience in my life, and I'd like to share it with you.  My father passed in 1998, so I now have photos of the Titans team picture in the Polo Grounds, one photo of my father pointing  down at a model of Shea Stadium with Al Dorow and Art Powell, showing them the new home for the New York Titans, which became the New York Jets of today.  I even  have Titan patches shaped as a football saying titans of New York, about 4'' by 3'' in blue and gold.   Do you think there's a market for any of my memorabilia.  Looking for ward in hearing from you. By the way is there any film of the Titans at the Polo Grounds,  if so, I might see myself working the benchI know in those days they didn't have as many cameras as today, but you never know.   My e-mail address is   

October 29, 2008
               I am in search of full size pennants of the Dallas Texans and the New York Titans, which became the New York Jets.  These two are the only two pennants I cannot find for my collection.  I am retired and I am on a limited income, so I cannot afford very much.  If anyone has extra in their stock of full size pennants of these two teams please let me know.
~ Matt Gittings

November 20, 2008
I would like to purchase any American Football League games on dvd.  Any games from 1964 through 1969, preferably actual broadcasts by Curt Gowdy or Charlie Jones.  ~ Tony Percival

December 15, 2008
I am interested in Oakland Raider Programs Home and Away as well as LA Raider Programs Home and Away.  ~ Bill Nidick

December 26, 2008 
I have been looking for a vintage AFL authentic football and came across your AFL web site.  It is really fantastic.  I have enjoyed going through it and reading about the old AFL.  I would like to list on your newsletter that I am looking for an vintage AFL authentic football, preferably with a Joe Foss signature, but one with Rozelle's signature as commissioner is wanted as well.  I am looking for one in very good condition if possible.  If you know of any available, I would appreciate knowing about same. ~ Joe Coletta

December 26, 2008            
                I own a  Bellaire 45 rpm that is shaped like a football, of the Houston Oilers fight song (Houston Oilers Number One)
                I guess the song writers are Lee Ofman & Grindnitz.
it is a brand new 45 never been used limited Edition Football Disc
                I would like to know when it was printed, what it would be worth to a collector. and any other info that i can muster up. ~ David Mann

December 29, 2008
I am still searching for other videos of any AFL games that might have been captured other than the Super Bowl games III and IV that are available.  If anyone knows of any whereabouts of any videos of AFL games please let me know.  I am especially interested in the 68 Jets\Oakland championship game.  I know the radio broadcast is available but not video that Iím aware of.  ~ Russ

March 3, 2009
ím interested in obtaining any AFL games broadcast on either ABC or NBC Ė any and all for that matter, including the AFL Championship Games Ė notably the two Bills-Chargers games.
                Please contact me directly at either or via my office phone @ 716-681-2300. 
                Thank You ~ Tom Campbell

March 7, 2009
have been hunting for years for a game film of the 1963 AFL title game between the Chargers and Patriots...the game won by San Diego 51-10.  It was actually played in early January of 1964.  I would love to purchase a copy, but can't find one anywhere.  Just wondering if you have any suggestions.  Thanks.  Tom Juhl

March 9, 2009
I am looking for vintage AFL Oakland Raiders pennants. 
                I have been looking for a particular AFL Oakland Raiders full sized pennantit reads "The Oakland Raiders" and it is black it's graphics are silver. 
It is sometimes called the "Two Hands Reaching" pennant. 
                David Catalano 510-276-2946

April 11, 2009

               Hi everyone,
               I am looking for any Jets games on vhs or dvd that has Joe Willie Namath playing in them. I already have the Super Bowl but would love to add more.  Thanks in advance for your help. ~ Ron Graziotti

April 12, 2009

               I have a football my father caught at a Jets game. It was a winning field goal, kicked by Jim Turner.  It isnít signed.  Would any of your members be interested in purchasing it?  Iím not sure I would even part with it, but I thought I would find out if itís worth anything to a collector.
               Thank you for any information you can give. ~ Gwen Kuebler

April 14, 2009
               I have a DVD of the 1962 AFL Championship Game between the Texans and Oilers.  It is the double overtime game.  The video is from the TV feed with Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman calling the game.  If anyone is interested please contact me.
Thanks,  ~ Jim McKinley

April 24, 2009

               I have a collection of autographed mini helmets of what were the 21 living members of the All time AFL team.
               To finish my collection I am looking for an autograph of Tom Sestak, Jim Tyrer and Jerry Mays. I would prefer an autographed card, index card or cut signature.
                Please let me know if you have any to sell or trade. ~ Thanks, Gregg

April 27, 2009

               I am looking for live game footage or radio broadcasts of the San Diego Chargers before the merger.  Please if anyone can help, e-mail me.  My father has been a long-time Chargers fan since he was a little kid and used to go to all their AFL games.  So I want to give anything I can find from that era to him as a birthday gift.  Thanks for taking your time for reading this post.

June 16, 2009
               I have an original Raiders 1st game program in excellent condition and a Raiders AFL pennant.  I do have photos available, I don't know the value, so fair offers will be considered. 
Thanks, Roy Dickinson
             6000 Pinetree Drive
             Fort Pierce
             FL 34982

             El Sol de las Botelas
             Calle 8
             Complejo Marylago
             Istmo Caribe
             Boca de Uchire
             Estado Anzoategui

June 18, 2009
I have heard many stories from my dad about how much he loved the AFL and would only collect AFL cards.  He lived in the same apartments as some of the
Houston Oilers and got to play some catch with them when they got out of work at their second jobs.  He also babysat for them. 
               He once tried to catch a pass with his tongue hanging out and one of the players swatted at the pass.  My dad ended up having to get stitches in his tongue.  The players got an AFL football and each signed it:
George Blanda and Charlie Hennigan (my dad's favorite player) were included.  My uncle was quite a bit larger than my dad at that time and bullied him into letting him play with the ball.  The last time my dad saw the ball it was just a bladder in a tree. 
               I have enjoyed watching football and cheering on the
Houston Oilers (and even now Go Titans!!) with my dad on every Sunday.  I would really like to find some of the old Oilers AFL stuff for my best friend, my dad. 

July 17, 2009
I saw your web site and thought this is fantastic.  I have been looking for  Buffalo Bills  memorabilia signed by Cookie Gilchrist or Tom Sestak.  I'm hoping to find a white helmet (mini or regular) with the standing red buffalo.  I have a newer Bills helmet signed by Cookie, PSA Authenticated.  It took years to find this helmet doing daily searches.  I would be willing to trade mine or purchase the white helmet. Thanks for a Outstanding web site. ~ Terry Flynn

July 21, 2009
I saw your web site and thought this is fantastic.  I have been looking for  Buffalo Bills  memorabilia signed by Cookie Gilchrist or Tom Sestak.  I'm hoping to find a white helmet (mini or regular) with the standing red buffalo.  I have a newer Bills helmet signed by Cookie, PSA Authenticated.  It took years to find this helmet doing daily searches.  I would be willing to trade mine or purchase the white helmet. Thanks for a Outstanding web site. ~ Terry Flynn

August 3, 2009
I have an AFL football that was used in the Bills-Jets game at War Memorial Stadium in 1967.  It is signed by the 1968 Bills team, including Jack Kemp, Elbert Dubenion, Tom Sestak, Paul Maguire, and Keith Lincoln, among others. Would there be an interest in this item? ~ Thanks,  Bob B. Buffalo, NY

August 5, 2009
Attached is a photo of an 1960 AFL football that I got from my father when he passed away a few years ago.  I donít really have any history on the item other than my parents moved to the Denver area in the late 50s and he immediately became a huge Denver Bronco fan, a season ticket holder, and knew several of the Bronco players.  I donít recall any discussion about the football growing up, so how he came to have this particular ball I donít know.  The ball has signatures all over it and you can make most of them out.  I donít know if there is a treatment or process you can use to enhance or brighten up the ink, but that may make all of the names legible.  I am not a collector and the ball really does not hold any sentimental value for me so I would like to ask if you know of any Bronco fan or football collector that would be interested in this ball. Please let me know. ~ Roger Sprague, RMS Associates

           This looks like a "presentation ball", smooth, so that it could be signed.  ~ REMEMBER the AFL

August 27, 2009      
          I am looking for any AFL TV broadcasts on VHS or preferably DVD or radio broadcast on cassette or preferably CD.  Any year or team is fine, but I would like a complete game as originally broadcast.   Thanks.  And REMEMBER THE AFL!!!

August 29, 2009    
          I have an August 6, 1960 NY Titans @ LA Chargers game program I was contemplating selling - image attached.  I thought I'd check in to see if you might know of an AFL or NY Titans fan/collector who might have interest. This was the very first game played for both franchises and played at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The cover shows wear, is neatly and tightly attached with tape (you'd hardly even notice), and the upper corner of the rear cover is missing torn. The interior pages are crisp, clean, and unmarked. ~ Matthew


August 31, 2009    
          I am looking for video highlights of the 1968 Kansas City Chiefs and 1968 Houston Oilers.  I would be willing to exchange other years of  teams in the AFL Regards, Joe.

September 6, 2009
          I would appreciate some info on this KC Chiefs memorabilia.  It was copyrighted in 1970 by a company in Spain for International Crest, Inc. and NFL Properties, Inc. 
          It appears to be some sort of medallion that you can put into a shadowbox or on a plaque.  If you or anyone else could give me some info as to what it is exactly and what it might be worth I would greatly appreciate it.  ~ Thanks, Charles Steinbrook

September 16, 2009

            Years ago, early 60's, I went to a playoff game between the Boston Patriots and the Buffalo Bills at Fenway Park.  It was a cold snowy day there.

            If there is a Video tape or DVD of this game, how could I get one?

            Your help would be greatly appreciated.  ~ Thank you, Wayne Mountain

                Wayne:  It wasn't a playoff game, but the last game of the 1964 regular season, which decided the AFL East Championship.  The Bills won, and went on to win two consecutive AFL titles.  The photo is of Elbert Dubenion catching a touchdown pass against Chuck Shonta. Click here for more. ~ REMEMBER the AFL

September 25, 2009     
          I have 2 1966 AFL Champion Kansas City Chiefs drink glasses and on the backs are listed all of the AFL teams and their records for 1966.  I got them in an antique shop in Portland about 6 years ago.  Make me an offer. ~ Dusty

September 26, 2009
          I am need of a film/tape/DVD of the 1983 Miami Dolphins versus Houston Oilers.  I will trade 10 games from my collection for this game.   My list is at ~ Ron Weiss

October 11, 2009        
I'm interested in getting DVDs of the AFL title game DVDs for 1962, 1966, and 1969 (the years the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs appeared in and won the AFL title game).
October 13, 2009

          After being referred to your website I decided to contact you as respects some minor memorabilia, predominantly from the 1960 & 1961 Dallas Texans.
Amounts to about eight home game programs in excellent shape, an 8 x 5 team picture with original signatures of Lamar Hunt, Hank Stram, Bill Walsh, Cotton Davidson, Chris Burford, Abner Haynes, Johnny Robinson, E.J. Holub, Jack Spikes and many others.  Also have several autograph book pages with original signatures. ~ Jim Fulton

October 24, 2009
Looking for highlight or game films of the '64 Chargers@Bills & the '66 Chiefs@Bills championships.
               Thanks,     John Richards

October 31, 2009
               I was at the first AFL game in New York ---- vs. Buffalo.
               I have tapes of all the
Jet victories from mid 1980ís.
               My copy of this year's
Titans - Oilers game in Sept. of 2009 broke.
               Would love to acquire this game tape.
               I have a DVD of
Jets' SB win but the video is very poor and it omits most of the last Colts drive that went for their only td.
               I contacted the
Jets but to no avail for the Tennessee game.
               I contacted WCBS in New York to no avail.
               Last year they sent me a DVD of a
Jet victory at Buffalo as I had the same problem.
               Alan Titan
               P.O. Box 405
               Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

November 10, 2009

             Hi All. Tony (65 toss power trap) Stein here in Kansas City--a true son of the American Football League. I've been collecting AFL memorabilia for years. I'm interested in buying game worn helmets from any of the old AFL franchises, game used AFL footballs and game worn AFL Chiefs jerseys.  Feel free to email me at or call 816/560-6605. Thanks.

November 11, 2009
              THANK YOU, BILL BAUER

November 17, 2009             
              Am looking for complete games of the 1969 AFL Divisional Playoff game between the New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs and the 1969 AFL Championship game between the Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Tried just about everywhere! Desperate!

November 18, 2009   

              My father collects footballs and I'm trying to help him complete his collection, so maybe you can help, or anybody else on your site.  The football I'm searching for is as follows: a 1969 American Football League Spalding with Pete Rozelle as commissioner.   This struck me strange because Pete Rozelle was the National Football League commissioner.
I was told that they made this ball because of the merger between the American Football League and the National Football League.   That's why Pete Rozelle, the NFL commish, is on the AFL ball.  Is this ball rare?  How many were made?  Could any of these (merger balls) have possibly been used in the AFL championship game or the AFL All-Star game before the merger took effect?  If so, how can I tell?  The main thing is that I just get my hands on one for my father, I hope I'll be able to afford it please forward any info regarding this ball.
The leagues signed a merger agreement in 1966.  Although they didn't play interlocking schedules until 1970, and Milt Woodard was the AFL President for the 1966 through 1969 seasons, Pete Rozelle was commissioner of both leagues in those years, and his name was on both the NFL and AFL balls.  The AFL Spalding J5V ball was used for all AFL regular season and All-Star games in the league's last four years, so it was not that rare.  In the four AFL-NFL World Championship games, the AFL teams used an AFL Spalding ball on offense and the NFL teams used an NFL Wilson ball on offense.   ~ REMEMBER the AFL

November 17, 2009
              Am looking for complete games of the 1969 AFL Divisional Playoff game between the New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs and the 1969 AFL Championship game between the Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Tried just about everywhere! Desperate!

November 20, 2009
              I am looking for color images of an authentic 1960 LA Chargers helmet.  None are known to exist.  If anyone has one or more I would greatly appreciate seeing them and buying or trading for the originals.  Color game film of the team would also be of great interest. ~ Pete Lowry, 760-525-4272

November 25, 2009 
              For Sale: Set of 8 Libby Drinking Glasses, 1965 AFL Chargers;  glasses are autographed by the team members and coaches from 1965.  Call or email if interested.   
              Loretta Homyak  
              San Diego, CA 92108  
              Ph 619-881-2791    
              Fax 619-521-0189  

November 30, 2009
      Fantastic site, I've been coming here for a few years now.   It's chock-full of information about my favorite football league .... the AFL, of which I never get enough.
      Thanks so much for keeping it alive, and keep up the great work.
      I've always been a fan of the underdog, and in August of 1960, I was treated to a football game of the brand new AFL for my 16th B-Day, at the old Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.   An Uncle, who was a Charger fan, thought he would recruit me as one also.  But I've always been a fan of the underdog ... and the underdogs that day, and for a few years to come, were the Oakland Raiders, and that's who I rooted for ... needless to say they lost, but showed lots of heart, and I've been rooting for them ever since. Little did I, or anyone else know what was to happen in the years to come.
      If there are any Raider fans out there that are like me and like to relive Raider Glory from the past, and yes even the not so glorious here and now, I have hundreds of games on DVD that I will trade if you have something that I don't.  Even if you don't have any games to trade,  Check 'em out, see what you can find .... ya never know.   
      Email me through the site below, or directly. ~ B. Taylor

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