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The American Football League Trading Post ©

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AFL MEMORABILIA:    Many e-mails I receive from American Football League fans involve their search for AFL memorabilia - films of old games, logo items, jerseys, programs, etc.  As a courtesy to those fans who are helping to preserve the memory of the league that was the genesis of modern Professional Football, I've established:

The American Football League Trading Post ©

      To use this service, e-mail me at, with your name, e-mail address and mailing address, and tell me if you want your e-mail address and/or mailing address posted.  Include a message describing the memorabilia you'd like to acquire or trade.    The American Football League Trading Post © is a non-profit arrangement solely for the benefit of AFL fans.   If you use this service, you agree to make your name and e-mail address available to other fans who may wish to trade AFL memorabilia.  All transactions are between fans, and The American Football League Trading Post © is in no way involved with any such transaction, nor does it profit from nor guarantee any transaction.  After the initial post by a user, AFL fans interested in a trade should contact the poster directly.
      I'll edit and post your messages as time permits.   No message that uses offensive language will be posted.  To avoid "spam", I have added "nospam." to all e-mail addresses.  To contact the individual, remove the characters "nospam." from the address.

December 7, 2009
       Looking for video/pictures of the National Anthem ceremony for the 1963 AFL Championship - Chargers vs. Patriots at Balboa Stadium.  My husband  was a Boy Scout who carried the California flag that day and has been searching for picture or video of this particular part of the game.   If you have any information that may help us with our search, feel free to e-mail me.

December 21, 2009
       I'm looking for all things AFL - books, game films, magazines, trading cards, everything.   I'm looking to buy at this point, not trade.  Thanks - Brad

December 26, 2009
       HBO Sports, specifically Ross Greenburg, did a one hour documentary on Super Bowl I.  I remember watching it a couple of years back on HBO - it was excellent and, as Greenburg productions tend to be, factually ACCURATE - and was wondering if you know of a place to find it. Any help/guidance would be gratefully appreciated.  ~ Paul Farash

January 5, 2010
       I'm a diehard looking for any dvds of AFL games.  I own the 1970 Jets/Browns Monday Night Football game and Super Bowl III but would love Namath era games.  Most importantly, 1968 AFL Championship at Shea vs. Oakland.  Any possibilities? ~ tj ~ twitter@ thejetreport

March 15, 2010
I am always interested in old AFL films.  Also interested in books as well.

April 6, 2010
        My father Dave Costa played in the AFL/NFL for 14 years.  I have numerous programs and other memorabilia that I may be looking to sell. ~ Doug Costa      

April 14, 2010
I received this ball, thru a friend of mine, that his grandfather had gotten from a coach of the Raiders. The ball is from the Heidi game, and has the rare signature of Milt Woodard, AFL President 1966-1969.  The ball is autographed, both teams, not all the players.  I have all paper work for this historic ball, let me know (click photo to enlarge)
       I also have a 1965 kicking tee from the 1965 Chargers-Bills AFL Championship Game. 
all me
at 520-762-8868 or e-mail me, thanks, take care. ~ Mark     

December 14, 2010
am a longtime chargers fan and am always looking for AFL common cards from any of the AFL teams, I have very few AFL cards in my collection, also interested in AFL magazines and newspapers.
        James Cook
        PO Box 940
        Sophia, WV 25921

December 1, 2010
FOR SALE – Complete Original Set: Every New York Titans’ game program ever printed.  1960-1962, including exhibition games.  Only selling the complete set.  No individual program sales.  ~ Bob Mischak,Jr.

December 19, 2010

    I am looking to buy a Super Bowl III program . . . and a Jets vs. Raiders 1968 AFL Championship program . . . also a 1968 Jets Yearbook. ~ Mitch Sacharoff

January 5, 2011

    I was hoping to purchase an AFL referee jersey and hat. I looked on Ebay and Google, and had no luck.  Please contact me if you have any for sale or trade. ~ Bill Kiel

January 31, 2011

      I am looking for dvds of any full games and AFL Films highlights from the AFL clubs, and also the early days of the merger (1970 - 1980).  I have numerous This Week in Pro Football shows and Games of the Week to trade.
      Jeff Neal
4192 West Highway 80
      Somerset, Ky 42503

February 12, 2011
I was wondering if you would know the value of this hat. It is a vintage 1960's AFL officials hat that is in pretty good shape. ~ Scott Davis

May 26, 2011

      I am interested in was any sort of AFL football, game-used or otherwise that you could post on the trading post.  .  I have seen a Foss, Rozelle, Woodard and a Davis . . . . they are all cool.  Just really looking to get one. ~ Tony Gsell

June 9, 2011
Does anyone know where I might find an original AFL football with Al Davis' signature on it?  Or any other AFL football with the AFL logo or name on itI anticipate that it will be expensive.  I'm not exactly planning on playing with it, especially not on the street outside my home. ~ Mark J. Sullivan

August 26, 2011

     I have an AFL Spalding J-5V football (Joe Foss model) signed by the Buffalo Bills' 1965 AFL Championship team, including Pete Gogolak, George Flint, Dick Hudson, John Tracey, Butch Byrd, Daryle Lamonica, Dudley Meredith, Booker Edgerson, Ed Rutkowski, Charlie Ferguson and others. 
     Will sell for best offer.
     Guy Agostinelli

August 28, 2011

I have an AFL / Joe Foss / Spalding football signed by the 1960 Denver Broncos.  The football is in great shape considering it is over 50 years old.  Many of the signatures are recognizable and some are faded.   I want to sell it to someone that is a Bronco fan or just a fan of the old AFL.  Let me know.  Asking $350.

    Roger Sprague
September 9, 2011  

    Does anyone have a
Bills AFL game jersey
for sale?  Please contact me.

Michael Ruiz
October 2, 2011

I wonder if anyone out there that loved the early AFL and more specifically the Houston Oilers would have an early years Oilers home blue jersey (preferably game worn) they would be willing to sell. #87 Charlie Hennigan was my favor player on Houston back then and getting one of his would be a dream come true. If not Hennigan, any other Oilers home blue jersey would do just fine.

    The games played back in the 1960 to 1967 time frame where so very special to me and I know many others that loved the AFL for its style of play and competition.  Watching George Blanda and Charlie Hennigan, Bill Groman and others team up on passes was special.

     Bob King
October 6, 2011

      I am Jim Wilson.  I have for sale a commemorative pewter plate given by The Chrysler Corporation to participants of the 1969 AFL All-Star game. The plate is 12" in diameter, was made by International Pewter, and is engraved:



* Denotes their logo

        I've not found another of these, but did find a virtually identical plate presented to Bob Gibson for the 1968 MLB All-Star Game, and it sold for $207 in August, 2009. Advise please if you have interest.
February 25, 2012

I'm looking for 1960 - 1963 Oakland Raiders helmet decals.

Chris Silva
March 16, 2012

Chargers ticket stubs from August 10, 1963 when they thumped the Boston Patriots 50-17 at Balboa Stadium in a preseason game that would predict the 1963 season. Lance Alworth and gang went on to win the American Football League championship game that season, also against the Patriots, scoring 51 points to the Patriot's 10 in a game still written about as haunting the Patriots to this day. $60

Email if you want them or call (858)735-0092.  Can pick them up in Pacific Beach.  Check for images

April 27, 2012
     For sale ~ 1965 AFL Houston Oilers autographed football w/ AFL logo, Spalding and Joe Foss imprint. Three white panels, one natural leather. Signed by Oilers stars Bud McFadin, Ed Husman, Sonny Bishop, Don Floyd, Charlie Hennigan and many others.

     For more information please e-mail Renee Martin or call @ 979-216-8624

June 1, 2012
      I am looking to purchase a 1963 San Diego Chargers American Football League Championship plaque, manufactured by Healy.

      David Hillen
      3391 Summer Set Way
      Oceanside, CA 92056
      (760) 224-5387

December 14, 2012

/ interested in 1961 AFL Guide (original or reproduction if one exists), 1961 SD Charger media guide / LA Charger stuff: team photo, game programs etc.

December 14, 2012


We own an antique mall and have found a ring and football in a yard sale locally.  The ring is a 1969 Kansas City Chiefs super bowl ring with a size 5-1/2 ring mounted to the large top.  We have found on the internet that some teams gave the cheerleaders rings and are not sure if this could be a cheerleaders ring. The top is 14K gold and the ring is 10K gold. If you could help sort this out we would love to know.

The football is an original commemorative from AFC playoffs between the KC Chiefs and Miami. It is in fair shape but won't hold air.

We found out that Jim Marsalis lived in this area for some time he married a school teacher ( divorced ) from here and this may have been from his things she threw out. 

We also have two (2) unused 1970 (IV) Superbowl tickets in a plastic bag found in the same box of stuff.

I would appreciate any help and thanks.  Dennis C/O the Blue Moon Anitques and More

March 7, 2013

I am seeking quality made throwback jerseys for the San Diego Chargers, like the jerseys made by "Home Run Derby" or others than Mitchell & Ness.
I am seeking information on where to purchase them.
Jim Hart 

22 December, 2013

I am looking for the program for the December 1, 1963 Jets-Chiefs game at the Polo Grounds, which the Jets won 17-0. It should be in good condition with all pages intact and reasonably priced. It is ok if the scoresheet is filled in.
Phil Rosenthal

Note:   The cover of the program is at the right.  The game was not played on the date indicated (24 November 1963) because unlike the other league, the American Football League did not play that weekend, to honor the memory of John F. Kennedy.  The game was postponed to 1 December 1963.
  AFL game program (Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets — November 24, 1963)
18 December, 2014

The Vintage Football League ( VFL ) is a newly established, independent, not-for-profit, fitness-oriented sport created to remember the Golden Age of pro football, 1946-1969.    The VFL is interested in finding those who would like to donate old Riddell football helmets ( any condition ), football jerseys ( any type ), trousers, socks, cleats and various football paraphernalia for our group to use.   

Vintage Football League ( VFL )
ATTN:  Mick Stewart, Sports Director
5909 Fairdale Lane #3
Houston Texas 77057
21 October, 2016


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